Quick Takes: Is your station still airing video of the impacts and collapse at the World Trade Center?

Sep 24, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“It’s got to be an integral part of a story in order for it to be included. Basically, we … presuppose that everybody in the world has seen it four or five times, so that really kind of minimizes the need [to air it again].”
Jon Ruby, president/general manager, KVOA-TV (NBC), Tucson, Ariz.
“Our news department is very cognizant that viewers are more than viewers right now. They are friends and families of people involved in that terrible, terrible tragedy. We’re paying a great deal of attention to [all video], right now and in the future.”
Gail Brekke, president/general manager, KXAN-TV (NBC), Austin, Texas
“Obviously, we’re sensitive to the impact of these horrific pictures. Any future use will be decided upon judiciously, case by case.”
Marcellus Alexander, VP/general manager, KYW-TV (CBS), Philadelphia