Editorials: Get Emmys over with

Oct 22, 2001  •  Post A Comment

The Emmys are finally going on, war or no war, terrorist threats or no terrorist threats. Anyone out there who still cares can tune in on Nov. 4 to CBS, where executives are praying the World Series does not go seven games.
We applaud the decision by CBS and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to go ahead with the ceremony, even if their motives might be largely commercial. After two terrorism-related postponements, it’s time to get the thing on the air already and put it behind us.
Given the mood of the country, this year’s ceremony can’t possibly be the kind of shallow glitz-fest of past years. Then again, given the mood of the country, it’s just the kind of diversion we need. And in keeping with the tone of any large gathering of Americans these days, it’s another chance for our TV royalty to calm, inspire and reassure their subjects, to help convince us that our nation will recover from its current bout with cultural impotence.
But please, no more toying with us. If something interferes with the Emmys this time, let’s just cancel them and start looking to next year.