Product Spotlight: Aysis Air Plus Digital Broadcast Production Console

Oct 29, 2001  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Aysis Air Plus Digital Broadcast Production Console, introduced at NAB 2001 by Solid State Logic of Oxford, England. The product is an updated version of the Aysis Air digital console released in 1997.
What it does: The audio console is designed for live productions with a need for top quality control, said Mark Yonge, product marketing manager. The real-time system is geared for newscasts, sports trucks and other production centers servicing live operations. It controls all the audio going into the broadcast mix, he said. All the knobs, switches and controls are available on the console immediately in front of the operator, so he or she doesn’t need to search through a menu to find the necessary functions, a setup known as knob-per-function design. This helps engineers feel comfortable on Solid State Logic’s digital consoles, since it is the same design that the older analog consoles had and allows for a smooth transition to a digital board, Mr. Yonge said.
Product benefits: The console allows users to store settings so they can call up the desired one when needed. The current iteration includes a new proprietary processor, making it up to 10 times faster than the previous version. “When the operator turns on the control, they hear the effect immediately, without any pause or lag. You have the sense that you are working directly with sound and not through a computer,” Mr. Yonge said.
Dimensions: The product is about 10 to 12 feet long and tips the scales at about 1,000 pounds. SSL makes a lightweight version for production trucks that weighs about 100 to 200 pounds less and is about 8 feet long.
Target market: Broadcasters or those serving the broadcast market.
Customers: TV2 in Oslo, Norway, China Central TV in Beijing and TV Globo in Sao Paolo, Brazil, ABC-TV23 in New York, WETA-TV in Washington, and WJRT-TV in Flint, Mich.#