Profile: Sasson Darwish

Oct 8, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: President of Emblaze Systems.
Background: Mr. Darwish joined Israel-based Emblaze in early 2000 after working for six years as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, where he focused on companies in the Internet and software space. Emblaze was founded in 1994 as GEO Interactive Media Group and changed its name early this year so that the name of its technology and the company would be the same. The company’s Emblaze Wireless Media Platform enables encoding, streaming and delivery of streaming video and multimedia on wireless devices, such as PDAs and cellphones, and Internet-protocol networks.
Vision: “When I do a presentation, I say, `A few years from now, mobile wireless data access is prevalent anywhere, and anyone can get their information anyplace and anytime with lots of devices.”’
Mr. Darwish expects that residents of big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles will be able to receive wireless video delivery from different carriers beginning in 2002. He anticipates users will be able to access a host of multimedia services on a PDA or so-called smart phone. A user could call 777-FILM, for instance, and see a trailer or a slide show of a movie and order tickets, he suggested.
Money moves the market: The delivery of video over wireless devices will materialize because billions of dollars have been invested in the possibility, Mr. Darwish said. The U.S. government auctioned some of the wireless spectrum in the late ’90s and still has more to sell. Carriers who purchased the nebulous product for billions of dollars want a return on their investment, so they will offer services.
Can’t do it alone: Emblaze is currently involved in more than 35 commercial trials of its platform in Europe, Asia and the United States. “We are an enabling technology,” Mr. Darwish said. Emblaze is partnered with more than 30 content providers, including AccuWeather, ESPN and Hollywood.com.#