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Oct 8, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“While his comments were ill-timed, only a few local advertisers have requested to avoid the program. These advertisers feel they haven’t overreacted, and I can’t say that I disagree with their decision at this point.”
Ed Piette, general manager, KSTP-TV (ABC), Minneapolis
“I think each advertiser has to do what they think is appropriate. We air it so late we haven’t had a lot of reaction. I think [the advertisers] did a good job as far as trying to make the proper comments, put the unfortunate incident behind them and move forward.”
Mary Lynn Roper, general manager, KOAT-TV (ABC), Albuquerque
“I think each one of them needs to make the decision for themselves. It is not a surprising reaction to me on the part of the advertisers. I don’t believe that there were [any local pullouts at our station].”
Hank Yaggi, president/GM, WTNH-TV (ABC), New Haven, Conn.