Quick Takes: Have you found local advertisers reluctant to run commercials since Sept. 11?

Oct 1, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“We’ve only seen one local car dealer pull off due to economic uncertainty. We did see several advertisers pull off for the week, but many came back and allowed [a] tremendous amount of flexibility to make their schedules good the week after the tragedy.”
David Blaszkowski, local sales manager, KHWB-TV (WB), Houston
“Actually, over the last 10 days we’ve committed probably twice the amount as normal -and long-term commitments. I think … the local clients are realizing the power of television because of the news coverage … and they want to be a part of it.”
J.P. Hoff, general manager, KXD-TV (CBS), Fairbanks, Alaska
“No, not on the local side. [For] national, we had the immediate impact and now … [they have] been very understanding about coming back on, doing make-goods and rescheduling. But I’m not aware of a single cancellation on the local level.”
Bob Miller, general manager, WKOW-TV (ABC), Madison, Wis.