Quick Takes: How has your station handled the anthrax scare?

Oct 22, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“On the air, we’re treating [it] like a bomb scare-we’re cautious with our reporting. In terms of mail, the person handling [it] is wearing gloves, and no one else is answering viewer mail. We’re not opening mail from people we don’t know outside the DMA.”
Valari Staab, president/general manager, WTVD-TV (ABC), Raleigh, N.C.
“In terms of internal security, we made it clear to everyone that there is no need to open mail with handwritten addresses. In terms of coverage, I’m proud of the way our newsroom quickly identified that fear was as big a health hazard as anthrax itself.”
Dave Lougee, VP/general manager, KING-TV (NBC), Seattle
“We’ve certainly had … false alarms [in Hawaii], including our building. The police didn’t want to let us in to do our Saturday night news. We’re [trying] to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. There’s a need to perform without causing panic.”
Mike Rosenberg, general manager, KITV (ABC), Honolulu