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GELBART, LARRY PROJECT Touchstone script. Auspices: Gelbart, Larry (EP/W pilot); Addison, Anita (EP). Logline: A corporate ensemble drama in the vein of Mr. Gelbart’s HBO telefilm “Barbarians at the Gate.”
GOLD’S ANATOMY Touchstone script. Auspices: Manson, David (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about a family of doctors in San Francisco.
PARTNERS Touchstone script. Auspices: Ehrin, Kerry (EP/W pilot). Logline: An action-oriented dramatic series described as “Charlie’s Angels” meets “Cagney & Lacey.”
POWERS THAT BE aka BELTWAY DreamWorks Television; Touchstone script + penalty Auspices: Lurie, Rod (EP/W pilot); Frydman, Marc (EP-N/W). Logline: A dramatic series set against on the political machinations in the U.S. Congress. The lead character is a young female rookie congressional staffer.
Studios USA script. Auspices: Attanasio, Paul (EP/W pilot); Jacobs, Katie (EP). Logline: A cop drama set in South Central Los Angeles. CHRISTOPHER, MARK PROJECT
Columbia TriStar; Denise Di Novi Productions script. Auspices: Christopher, Mark (EP/W pilot); Di Novi, Denise (EP); Shankman, Adam (EP/D pilot). Logline: A series filled with music, dance and fantasy elements.
GREEN RAY, THE Radiant Productions; Spelling script. Auspices: Santiero, Luis (EP/W pilot); Petersen, Wolfgang (EP); Spelling, Aaron (EP); Vincent, E. Duke (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about a parole officer of Cuban descent who lives and works in Florida.
PRICE, RICHARD & JOHNSON, MARK PROJECT Columbia TriStar; Mark Johnson Productions script. Possibly to star John Leguizamo. Auspices: Price, Richard (W pilot); Johnson, Mark (EP). Logline: A dramatic series in the police arena.
Twentieth; Imagine script. Auspices: Bell, Elisa (EP/W pilot); Krantz, Tony (EP); Grazer, Brian (EP); Howard, Ron (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about a woman who after a whirlwind romance with her boyfriend discovers that he’s a prince. She then must deal with the trials and tribulations of being a princess (it’s not easy).
Spelling script. Auspices: Bernt, Eric & Curtis, Dan (EP/W pilot); Spelling, Aaron (EP); Vincent, E. Duke (EP). Logline: A remake of the classic series about a wealthy family in Maine whose lives are intertwined with paranormal phenomena, including a vampire curse.
Paramount; The Littlefield Company. Pilot pickup. Auspices: Wyman, Joel (EP/W pilot); West, Simon (EP/D pilot); Littlefield, Warren (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about an American cop who goes to London to solve an international mystery that has destroyed his career, and he stays, becoming a private investigator.
TIME TUNNEL Twentieth; Regency pilot. Auspices: Ravich, Rand (EP/W pilot); Holand, Todd (EP/D pilot). Logline: A dramatic series about a male and female operative who travel through time to prevent disasters.
NBC Studios script. Auspices: Buckland, Marc (EP/D pilot); Arkin, Daniel (EP/W pilot). Logline: A series set in the world of the FBI.
DOPE NBC Studios; Brancato/Salke script. Project was originally a pilot pickup at FX through Artist Television Group. Auspices: Salke, Bert (EP/W pilot); Brancato, Chris (EP/W pilot); Patterson, John (D pilot). Logline: In the underbelly of modern-day Los Angeles, the drug world is exposed as gangs and drug lords battle the Drug Enforcement Administration for control of the streets.
Paramount script. Auspices: Pyne, Dan (EP/W pilot). Logline: A dramatic series centering on life at a military base.
Studios USA; Granada script. Auspices: Gordon, Jill (EP/W pilot); Gwartz, Jennifer (EP); Stokdyk, Danielle (EP). Logline: A dramatic series based on a British series about a man and a woman who realize they are ghosts and have the power to intervene in living people’s lives. However, they are unable to affect the lives of people they know while they were alive.
BIRDS OF PREY Warner Bros.; Tollin Robbins Productions. Put pilot. Auspices: Kalogridis, Laeta (W pilot); Tollin, Mike (EP); Robbins, Brian (EP); Davola, Joe (EP). Logline: A dramatic series based on a DC Comics offshoot of the Batman franchise in which three young women battle villains in Gotham City.
Warner Bros.; Nike; @radical media/Weiden & Kennedy script. Auspices: Redlich, Ed (EP/W pilot); Hartman Edwards, Becky (EP/W pilot). Logline: A dramatic series in the vein of the classic series “The White Shadow,” this time focusing on a girl’s basketball team. Based on Madeleine Blais’ book “In These Girls Hope Is a Muscle,” about the Amherst Lady Hurricanes, who broke through five years of losing in the playoffs to win.
Columbia TriStar; Pariah script. Auspices: Sisko, Susan (EP/W pilot); Oseary, Guy (EP); Polone, Gavin (EP). Logline: A drama series about a group of 20-somethings who are pursuing careers in the music business.
Warner Bros.; Jerry Bruckheimer Productions script. Auspices: Ngo, Vincent (EP/W); Charnov, Evan (EP/W); Bruckheimer, Jerry (EP). Logline: A drama series that takes place when people can time-travel for recreation, centering on a team of U.S. marshals who keep the peace.
CLEANERS, THE aka FIXERS, THE Columbia TriStar; Pariah script. Auspices: Vought, Bill (EP/W pilot); Polone, Gavin (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about people who work to right society’s wrongs.
Twentieth; Imagine script. Auspices: Voci, Joe (EP); Antin, Steve (EP/W pilot); Krantz, Tony (EP); Howard, Ron (EP); Grazer, Brian (EP). Logline: A dramatic series about a female cop who decides to move to Miami and become a detective.
FREEZER, THE aka COLD CASES Viacom script. Auspices: Matthews, Gina (EP); Bertolet, Chris & Pomerance, Jason (W pilot). Logline: A dramatic series about a young detective who, after an accident, is able to see ghosts and spirits. He uses his new powers to help murder victims cross over into the world of the living.
Columbia TriStar script. Auspices: Reiff, Ethan & Voris, Cy (EP/W pilot). Logline: A dramatic series focusing on rookie police officers.