Quick Takes: Is it OK to use a Time Machine to insert extra local commercials in programming?

Nov 26, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“We would not consider it. We conscientiously honor our contractual commitments to our network and syndicators. There is some level of deception here in that-in those relationships, as well as with viewers-especially during live sports.”
Bob Klingle, VP/general manager, WHAS-TV (Belo), Louisville, Ky.
“We have considered using a Time Machine. I believe they can be valuable for creating additional station content as well as commercial inventory. Our choice would be syndicated programming.”
Sharon Moloney, general manager, WPMI-TV (Clear Channel), Mobile, Ala.
“What do these practices do for a station’s credibility in a community? How long will viewers tolerate the broader trend of more commercials and less content? I expect that as they reach their individual thresholds, they’re voting one by one with their remotes.”
Michael Murrie, professor, communication, Pepperdine University