Quick Takes: What do you think of the proposed merger between DirecTV and EchoStar?

Nov 5, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“It’s hard to imagine this administration [stopping] a deal when the parties are so open to compromise. We’d prefer no sale at all, but as between Malone and Murdoch reinventing PrimeStar and Ergen coming in ready to compete, the EchoStar deal is preferable.”
Andrew Schwartzman, president, Media Access Project
“Rupert Murdoch is gambling that the FCC will not approve the [EchoStar deal] because it’s a horizontal merger. Charlie Ergen doesn’t think that, [but] I would be willing to bet that Murdoch thinks … GM will come crawling back to [News Corp.]”
David Miller, entertainment and media analyst, Sutro & Co.
“As a consumer, you want more options not less. But if the alternative is Rupert Murdoch, then maybe not.”
Phil Rosenthal, television critic, Chicago Sun-Times