Quick Takes: What do you think of Fox announcing Emmy results during the World Series?

Nov 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“As a native Californian, I see it as another case of the networks treating the West as an afterthought. It was insulting, and I suggest someone at Fox be required to undergo West Coast sensitivity training.”
Ron Fineman, per diem radio reporter/ www.RonFineman .com, Los Angeles
“Obviously, the focus was more on the East Coast. Why they chose to disclose winners prior to the broadcast here is unfavorable in my opinion.”
Julie Neil, general manager, KTUD-TV (UPN), Las Vegas
“I’m always grateful for anything that could foreshorten my viewing of an Emmy telecast. There’s plenty about Fox Sports I don’t like, but in this case I applaud their mischievous sense of public service.”
John Levesque, television critic, Seattle Post-Intelligencer