Quick Takes: Who do you think is the breakout star of the fall TV season?

Nov 19, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“Unfortunately, it may be Jill Hennessey, whose awful `Crossing Jordan’ is drawing a crowd on NBC. I’m rooting for `Scrubs” Zach Braff, who comes off like Ed Stevens’ goofy younger brother in a razor-sharp show.”
Eric Deggans, television critic, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times
“I was looking at posters of upcoming films, and there was one for `A Beautiful Mind,’ and [I thought Russell Crowe was] Simon Baker from `The Guardian.’ The fact that I first thought of Simon Baker tells me that he’s probably the breakout star of the season.”
Rob Owen, television editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“I love `The Tick.’ I’m wondering if Patrick Warburton is a breakout star. … Maybe [Simon Baker] on `The Guardian.’ Let me go with Warburton just because I like the show so much. He’s funny.”
Andy Smith, television critic, Providence (R.I.) Journal