Editorial: Geraldo, go home

Dec 31, 2001  •  Post A Comment

We love Geraldo Rivera the talk-show host. He’s lively, provocative, sometimes maddening and always engaging. We hate Geraldo Rivera the war correspondent. He’s the Ugly American personified. He’s an embarrassment to legitimate TV journalists.
The latest brouhaha concerns a report that Rivera did for Fox News on Dec. 5. He claimed to be at the spot where friendly fire killed three Americans in Kandahar, Afghanistan. But as reported by The Baltimore Sun, Mr. Rivera was hundreds of miles away at the time, in Tora Bora.
Mr. Rivera said he had confused another attack that did happen at Tora Bora. But as the Sun reported, even that attack allegedly happened three days after Mr. Rivera filed his report. Confronted with these allegations, Mr. Rivera told The Washington Post, “The time has come to stop Geraldo-bashing.”
Not until you come home, Mr. Rivera, and leave the real war reporting to professional journalists.