Product Spotlight: NextStor 3000S Series

Dec 17, 2001  •  Post A Comment

What it is: NextStor 3000S Series, a storage system from nStor Technologies, based in San Diego. The company introduced the SCSI-based (small computer system interface) version of the system in April. It replaces the GigaRAID storage system.
What it does: The product comes in several different versions. The so-called “JBOD” version, for “just a bunch of disks,” features a standard chassis and is available in eight- to 12-bay disk-drive models. It is a grouping of disk drives. Users can also purchase the system with the RAID (redundant array of independent disks) add-on feature. The RAID version is more secure and provides for better protection of data. The RAID controls are built onto the JBOD, said Tom Piacentini, director of marketing and business development for nStor.
Features and benefits: The product uses the next standard in SCSI, the Ultra 160, which is a new interface that is twice as fast as the previous version, Mr. Piacentini said. That means the system can transfer data at rates as high as 160 Mbps. The NextStor 3000S also features a smaller chassis, which means it requires less rack space. The JBOD version takes up two units of rack space, while the RAID version needs three. That means the new system is at least 50 percent smaller than previous iterations, which occupied from six to eight units of rack space. The system has reduced power needs as well and operates at about 350 watts, down from about 600 watts.
Target market: TV stations, studios, post-production houses and the oil and gas industry. “The newer, faster device is a natural fit for the HDTV market, since it can sustain a transfer rate of 140 Mbps or greater,” Mr. Piacentini said. nStor sells to resellers of video and editing equipment.