Quick Takes: In light of NBC and Fox getting out of programming Saturday mornings, do you think other networks will follow suit with any other dayparts?

Dec 17, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“I think daytime continues to be vulnerable on all networks. I can’t imagine that there’s not a time period on any of them that might be better served on a local/ syndicated level. And, I wonder how long ABC will be in the post-`Nightline’ business.”
Gary Lico, president/CEO, CABLEready
“I was actually surprised to see Fox give up [its kids block]. I figured they would be trying to lobby to take more time back. Other networks may be combining like CBS and UPN to buy better programming. There’s a lot of consolidating going on.”
J.P. Hoff, GM, KFXF-TV (Fox)/ KXD-TV (CBS), Fairbanks, Alaska
“My 3-year-old daughter started waking me up far too early to see Nick Jr.’s `Dora the Explorer’ on CBS. So I guess the idea works. Will networks cede other dayparts? I don’t think so, though ABC has done a good job of letting go of prime time.”
Bill Goodykoontz, television critic, The Arizona Republic