Quick Takes: Is over-the-air television broadcasting a waste of spectrum?

Dec 10, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“Both broadcasters and [FCC Chairman Michael ] Powell are giving consumers a bad deal. It’s the notion of the public interest that’s being wasted.”
Jeff Chester, executive director, Center for Digital Democracy
“I realize it sounds like blasphemy, but if cable and satellite penetration gets into the high 90s, then it would be a waste of the spectrum to duplicate the delivery of the same signal. At that point, broadcasters should be allowed to sell their spectrum for other uses.”
Thomas Shannon, VP/ director of operations, Equity Broadcasting Corp.
“The concept of free television should not be crowded out from the 500-channel television universe. Many still relying solely on broadcast TV-the old, the poor, the isolated -need what it offers the most: A cost-free link to the outside world.”
Mark McGuire, television critic, Albany (N.Y.) Times Union