James McNamara

Jan 21, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Most significant professional accomplishment: “The turnaround at Telemundo, closely followed by the Multimedia acquisition Greg Meidel and I did when we were at Universal.”
What he watches on television: “I confess, I am watching a lot of novelas these days. My favorite is “Uga Uga.” I always watch a lot of the NBC lineup. I still like `Law & Order,’ `Friends,’ `The West Wing’ and `Frasier’ when I have a chance. And I also watch a fair amount of sports.”
Hobbies: Golf.
Career highlights: Before becoming Telemundo president and CEO in 1999, Mr. McNamara joined Greg Meidel at Universal in 1996 as president of the then-World Wide Television Enterprises. Before that, he came to New World Entertainment as director of sales and worked his way up to CEO. Prior to that, he sold afterschool specials and TV movies at the Learning Corp. and Highgate Pictures after some time with the International Management Group, selling time in the National Football League and the Masters and the British Open.