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Jan 21, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Brisette takes over at Gocom Communications
Earlier this month, Richard Gorman, founder and CEO of Charlotte, N.C.-based Gocom Communications, resigned. The company’s majority owner, a financial group that includes venture capital firm BCI Partners, CIVC Partners, a division of Bank of America and Wachovia Banks, brought in Paul Brisette as the new CEO and chairman of the board. Gocom has stations in eight markets.
At the end of the month, Mr. Brisette, who also owns part of the company, will hold his first major board meeting since he took over as CEO. “We’re evaluating, like every other company in broadcast, where we’re going and what we’re going to do,” Mr. Brisette told Electronic Media.
One station executive familiar with the circumstances of Mr. Gorman’s departure said the move was an indication of how “soft” business is right now in the industry. “It was a surprise to him,” the station owner said of Mr. Gorman. “He started the company. It’s kind of a sad story. It started in 1994 and it was doing great. In 1999, he absorbed like six stations and he bought it at the height and overpaid.”
Clear Channel appoints director of diversity
James Dockery, corporate counsel at Clear Channel Communications, has added director of diversity to his duties. According to an internal memo, the idea is to make the company more “proactive” in the area of diversity. Mr. Dockery will track progress of diversity throughout the various divisions of the company.
WB 100+ stations reach 8 million homes

The WB 100+ Station Group, which is delivered by cable, has more than doubled its reach since it began in 1998. It is now in 8 million homes in 108 markets across 44 states. It started out in 3 million cable homes.
L.A.’s TV newscasters carry Olympic torch
Los Angeles local news talent became part of the news last week when KCBS-TV sportscaster Jim Hill, KNBC-TV sportscaster Fred Roggin and weatherman Christopher Nance, KTLA-TV reporter Gail Anderson and KCAL-TV anchorwoman Pat Harvey all became Olympic torch-bearers. Many brought their torches, which they got to keep, onto the set afterward to show viewers and many also shared their emotional experiences on the air. Mr. Nance, Mr. Roggin and KNBC anchor Colleen Williams emceed the torch ceremonies throughout the day Jan. 15. Mr. Roggin had carried the Olympic torch once before.
News producer gets caught in police chase
KCAL-TV, Los Angeles, made news earlier this month during a car chase on a busy section of La Brea Avenue. On live TV, the woman being chased by police hit a car, the driver of which happened to be a KCAL news producer. The producer remained in her car waiting for police to arrive and write up a report, but no one showed up, as they were too busy with the chase. Instead, a KCAL crew interviewed her, and later the police came to the station to write a report. KCAL News Director Nancy Bauer said that although the KCAL crew was at first unsure what to do with the producer’s sound bites, the station ended up airing her on all of the newscasts later that day.