PROFILE: Andrew Ward

Jan 28, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Executive VP and director of sales, National Cable Communications.
Recent interesting deal: “We recently worked with Swatch’s agency, KD&E, to align the brand with an innovative, edgy programming event to launch their new marketing campaign in six key markets during the holiday season.
“The tech-savvy viewer profile of `My VH1 Music Awards’ provided the perfect environment and timing. NCC worked with KD&E to develop a package that included local sponsorship of VH1 programming and a corresponding sweepstakes. In each market, the sweepstakes’ high-tech grand prize package included a laptop computer, a Kodak MC3 portable multimedia device, exclusive `My VH1 Music Awards’ merchandise and free high-speed Internet installation and a year of service. The promotion was supported on-air with Swatch-sponsored sweepstakes and tune-in spots that extended into retail outlets with point-of-purchase entry displays.”
The next big thing: “The next big thing is really a series of ideas that have been developing and which are now being deployed within our industry. This plan will enable agencies and advertisers to efficiently and reliably access the strategic value of our product via a NCC-proprietary Web-based e-business platform that eliminates executional hurdles by electronically connecting NCC to both our agency customers and our cable system affiliates. By streamlining the administration of our business in this fashion, we will enable spot advertisers to access a significant slice of television viewing and realize the full strategic value of our product without executional concerns clouding the plan.”
Is there anything you wish you sold less of?: “Although my initial reaction to this question is no, in light of the soft business climate we’ve been experiencing over the past 18 months, I have to admit that we probably have a few clients that would avoid the XFL if given a second chance.”
Is there anything you wish you sold more of?: “Many of the markets we sell have the ability to run advertising on over 30 cable networks. For a given advertiser to create impact in today’s fragmented television environment, we must do a better job of positioning the strategic value of bundling the full breadth of demographically appropriate cable networks available in each market as opposed to selling just a few of the highest-profile networks.”
If you weren’t in media what would you be doing?: “Up until I recently `corrected’ my resume, I thought I had a shot at becoming the head football coach at Notre Dame.”