PROFILE: Charlie Collier

Jan 14, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Executive VP, advertising sales, Court TV, as of Jan. 11. Previously worked for Oxygen.
Recent interesting deal: “A recent Campbell’s partnership was interesting because an understanding of some of the client’s educational initiatives led us to craft a series of monthly long-form segments within live programming. This relationship was satisfying on multiple levels. It built good programming, leveraged synergies against the Oxygen brand, was completely supportive of Campbell’s Labels for Education initiatives and also was the foundation for a new client relationship. This sponsorship lives both on-air and online, and in the future I think it could be extended effectively on the ground as well.”
The next big thing: “I am a big believer that the fundamentals, particularly in sales, are always the biggest thing. Whatever’s next-and I answer this way because there are many with whom you could speak who are likely more qualified to speak on technology, market consolidation or futures speculation than I-I feel confident that those best poised to capitalize will be those who listen well, build long-term relationships and dialogues, and then work harder than everyone else to deliver measurable results. Everyone I know who’s done that has been useful no matter how big or how recent the next thing turns out to be.
“Today I am focused on working with Court TV to further spread the word to advertisers, agencies and clients about the power of my new brand. Here’s a network that has experienced explosive growth, and by anyone’s standards has invested well and seen consumer-driven results. The next big thing I look forward to is building partnerships in the media community long into the future that qualify in this column as `interesting.”’
Is there anything you wish you had sold less of: “Somewhere in Washington there is a buyer still posting out all the make-goods for a charter, year-long `Chevy Chase Show’ sponsorship package I sold. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Who knew?”
Is there anything you wish you had sold more of? “I can’t think of very many things I wish I hadn’t sold more of. [Internet development company] CMGI stock is one.”
If you weren’t in media: “Aside from professional golf or hosting a late-night talk show, for which I only lack little things, like the talent, you might find me in investment banking or writing for a sitcom.