Quick Takes: What executive do you think is most worth watching this year?

Jan 28, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“New ABC Entertainment president Susan Lyne. As a former journalist, she knows people make mistakes and the important thing is to own up to them and make the necessary corrections. … That attitude empowers you to take chances, and it’s all too rare at the nets these days.”
Phil Rosenthal, television critic, Chicago Sun-Times
“Mike Tollin over at Tollin-Robbins. His career development has raised the bar every year if you look at his sequence of shows from Nickelodeon to HBO [`Arli$$’] to The WB [`Smallville’]. For all of us independent production companies, that’s really the ideal model.”
Matt Morchower, CEO, Varsity Entertainment
“Gigi Sohn. She co-founded Public Knowledge … to promote restoration of balance in the intellectual property laws. As her Web site explains, principles of fair use and open access are essential to preserving the spirit of innovation that created the Internet.”
Andrew Schwartzman, president, Media Access Project