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Jan 7, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Sony picks Digital Island to run Web site
Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment has selected Digital Island’s 2Way Web Services to manage its Web site, www.sonypictures.com. The site offers visitors video clips of its films and TV shows and has a Sony Pictures studio store, where users can buy videos, DVDs and TV show merchandise. Digital Island’s technology is designed to boost transactions on the site and reduce the cost of delivering content.
Study taps PVR owners’ likes, dislikes
Almost half of all personal video recorder owners have satellite television, according to a study on PVRs by NextResearch. It also showed that PVR owners are more program-centric and tend to ignore what channel a program is on-one out of eight PVR owners say they can’t remember what channel aired the show they recorded, and four out of 10 say they don’t pay attention to the channel.One of the most appealing features of a PVR is the ability to record two shows simultaneously, according to the study, while the greatest barriers to potential purchase were being restricted to a specific service in order to use the box and having to subscribe to an additional service by paying an additional monthly fee.