Walter Isaacson

Jan 21, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Most significant professional accomplishment: “I love to infuse places with a passion for interesting journalism. We had a good team at Time magazine that did it, now a great team at CNN that realizes that journalism is at the core of being a really interesting network.”
What he watches on television: “Obviously I’m glued to CNN all the time now, and I watch the other newscasts. For fun I watch `The West Wing.”’
Hobbies: “Helping my daughter with her math homework. And I like to write on the side. I’m writing a biography of Ben Franklin.”
Career highlights: CEO CNN News Group, July 2001 to present; editorial director, Time Magazine, January-July 2001; managing editor, Time, 1996-2001. Mr. Isaacson joined Time as national affairs writer in 1978.