Product Spotlight: MediaHawk 3000

Feb 18, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: MediaHawk Model 3000 video server from Concurrent Computer Corp., the latest model in Concurrent’s line of video-on-demand and interactive TV server products.
Twice the machine: The MediaHawk Model 3000 essentially doubles the functions and abilities of its predecessor, the MediaHawk Model 2000. The new model can handle twice the number of streams as the previous model while retaining the same dimensions, 10 rack units high. Four MediaHawk 3000s fit into the standard 6-foot equipment rack and can deliver 3,520 streams at 3 Mbps. Since cable operators generally assume that about 10 percent of digital cable customers will use VOD service at the same time during a peak period, they will install enough streams for 10 percent simultaneous usage, said Bruce Bradley, VP of product management for Concurrent. That means one rack of the new model can handle about 35,200 digital subscribers. The new model also can store 1,000 hours of content, compared with 400 hours for the previous model.
Additional features and benefits: The MediaHawk Model 3000 includes an integrated up-converter. The up-converter RF modulates, or tunes, the VOD channel to the frequency used by the cable operator for that channel. The integration of this device eliminates the need to purchase one from an outside vendor, and it also saves the rack space that would be needed if an external up-converter were used, Mr. Bradley said.
Cost: About $300 per stream.
Availability: Concurrent expects to roll out the MediaHawk 3000 Model to about five to seven markets this quarter. The company currently counts 25 deployments of its VOD and interactive TV products with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Corp., Cox Communications, Cogeo and MediaCom Communications Corp.