Profile: Terri Swartz

Feb 25, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: VP of marketing, Navic Networks, Boston.
Background: Ms. Swartz joined Navic in March 2000 after serving as VP of product marketing for MoreCom, where she helped position the company for its acquisition by Liberate Technologies. She also worked at General Instrument as a product manager.
Traffic cop: Navic provides network middleware for interactive television-software that essentially manages the messaging across a network that delivers ITV. The technology allows cable and satellite operators to extract data on tuning habits, for instance, while preserving bandwidth for core applications such as video-on-demand and pay-per-view, Ms. Swartz said. “The basic capability we provide is intelligent messaging, intelligent data collections. Operators need to do that so they can manage additional applications,” she said.
Understanding the customer: “My mission here is to figure out what real problems operators are having, what real applications operators are endorsing and how to enhance that-how to help them make more money on their existing businesses like VOD,” Ms. Swartz said. She pointed to Navic’s partnership with VOD server provider Concurrent Computer Corp. Navic extracts granular data on tuning habits from set-tops and integrates that with data from Concurrent’s VOD server so the VOD service can make targeted recommendations to customers. “Hopefully, that drives an additional VOD purchase every month,” she said.
Training the consumer: “I think we need to teach consumers to interact with the TV. The electronic program guide and things like Wink are a great first step. Then you move from the EPG to VOD and teach consumers to interact with TV differently to the point in the future where they are comfortable with things like time-shifting and [personal video recorders].”
Advertising and ITV: “One thing that is absolutely clear about ITV is that it’s advertising-supported. Models that suggest the applications themselves are revenue generators are suspect. ITV is an extension of TV. TV is advertising-supported. ITV will be just the same. The challenge for ITV technology and application providers will be to figure out what that ad-supported model looks like and how it will be expressed in ITV.”
Customers: Navic has not publicly announced its customers but has agreements for two deployments-one is currently commercially active, and the other is in the process of rolling out.