Quick Takes

Feb 18, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“The concept of producing local talk, kids or teen shows worked for decades in the past, and it can work today. … Station owners would rather pop in a tape of a national show … [but] there are still ways to produce quality and fun local shows.”
Steve Howard, free-lance producer/ TV warm-up, Los Angeles
“We are talking to many stations that are finding success in programming `The Other Half’ in daytime. The show has great chemistry between the hosts and has shown significant growth in the past two months.”
George Gubert, VP research, NBC Enterprises, Los Angeles
“We are … filling our daytime with veteran talk shows such as `Maury,’ `Jerry’ and possibly `Sally.’ With them as anchors, we complete our daytime schedule with samplings of other genres such as `Judge Hatchett’ and game shows as well as favors to our distributors.”
Johnny Mendez, promotions director, WBVT-TV (UPN), Burlington, Vt.