Quick Takes: If deregulation continues, what major media mergers do you think will occur?

Mar 4, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Aside from the rumor I’m trying to spread about my own investment group buying Disney, I think an NBC purchase of Gannett Stations would be a dynamic acquisition.”
Bob Klingle, VP/general manager, WHAS-TV (ABC), Louisville, Ky.
“I was surprised to hear that Hearst-Argyle might be considered a takeover possibility -I saw them being a buyer … People even talk about Disney being bought. Whoever thought that would even be speculated? It’s going to be a wild ride.”
Renard Maiuri, general manager, KDRV-TV (ABC), Medford, Ore.
“Fox Television Stations will lead the pack [with] the most O&O stations. … The big question is: What will come of the UPN affiliates [News Corp.] currently owns in duopoly situations? Will [it] go for 50 percent ownership in UPN, or will a new network emerge?”
Justin Wells, free-lance reporter/anchor, JustinWells.com