Quick Takes: Whether or not David Letterman goes to ABC, it appears the network wants to replace `Nightline’ with entertainment programming. Is that a bad thing?

Mar 11, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“I understand why Disney wants Letterman, but it would be a shame to lose the only broadcast program doing news-and doing it especially well-at that hour. Remember, Houston has a less than 60 percent cable penetration.”
Mike McDaniel, television critic, Houston Chronicle
“It’s a bad thing that the slots for news on networks are becoming precariously extinct. Yes, `Nightline’ probably needs some sprucing up. [It] defined a whole new generation of news presentation. So why can’t they reinvent the wheel even more?”
Monica Collins, television critic, Boston Herald
“I don’t think good or bad enters into it. They’re an entertainment medium. I don’t see why anybody … is expressing shock and outrage and indignation. These are not the high priests of journalism wrapped up in robes. These are network executives, for crying out loud.”
Mark Dawidziak, television critic, Cleveland Plain Dealer