Product Spotlight: Encoda MART

Apr 22, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Encoda MART from Encoda Systems is a data reporting software system that enables station groups and networks to consolidate sales data from individual stations.
What it does: Encoda MART unifies data reporting from Encoda’s established traffic systems used by TV stations around the country. The systems include BIAS, JDS, Columbine and BMS. Encoda MART is targeted at station groups, since many have individual stations that operate some or all of these traffic systems. Encoda MART serves as an umbrella system that, though it does not handle traffic, integrates the sales and inventory information from multiple stations running the different systems to produce more advanced, unified and regular sales reports. “It pulls information out of those systems for the corporate level and for channels on station-level reporting,” said David Netz, VP of marketing for Encoda.
Problem solved: Station groups often have a difficult time comparing data culled from stations running different traffic systems, Mr. Netz said. In the past, stations needed to produce Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, for instance, for their sales reports and send them to the corporate offices, where they would be combined with reports from other stations, a time-consuming process for all involved, Mr. Netz said. Usually the corporate-level reports would include only big-picture data such as total sales for the week, he said.
“You can see how you are doing at any point in time and make corrections, such as changing pricing or staffing. This system pulls data out of each system and pulls it into a dynamic reporting tool. It gives you an early notice if stations are falling behind and an idea of who’s ahead. If you wait a month for historic information, it’s too late,” he said.
Features: Encoda MART allows for customized reports to be sent automatically to specific individuals. Reports can be generated according to different attributes, such as client, program, agency and sales rep.
Customers: Hearst-Argyle implemented the system in February to consolidate sales data from its 27 stations. Hubbard Broadcasting also rolled out the system in February.