Product Spotlight: MTP Digital Console

Apr 8, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Solid State Logic’s MTP Digital Console. The company introduced a software upgrade to its MTP audio console in early March.
What it is: The MTP is a large-format digital audio console for TV broadcast and production work that is either live or taped, said Andrew Clark, product executive with Solid State Logic in Oxford, England.
Features and benefits: Solid State Logic’s specialty is creating consoles that are ergonomically designed and easy to use, Mr. Clark said. The MTP provides a quick overview and access to its features, he said. “In a live environment you need to see everything and make changes as quickly as possible,” he said.
That means the MTP rotary buttons and controls have pre-assigned functions, which reduce the set-up time since operators no longer need to take time to preprogram or configure the console for each different session or show. “With so many free-lance engineers it’s good to have a fixed focal point when they walk into a studio and see a fixed MTP and say, `Great. I know how this works,”’ he said. With this dedicated approach, all the primary functions are immediately available and easily visualized, he said. In addition, the secondary functions of the buttons are accessible by pressing and holding the button for a predetermined amount of time.
What’s new: Solid State Logic’s latest software release for the MTP enables a more advanced fader grouping. The slave faders controlled by the master fader no longer physically move when the master moves. This allows the operator to visualize the balance levels of the entire fader group at any time. Another new feature is the copy function that allows either the instantaneous (static) fader balance to be copied to the headphone mix or the ongoing (dynamic) balance to be copied to the headphone mix.
Cost: The MTP starts at $400,000. The software upgrade is free.
Customers: SSL’s MTP customers include “Saturday Night Live,” Core Digital Technologies and Turner Sports.