Quick Takes

Apr 1, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“NBC should consider ‘Watching Ellie Drink Smirnoff.’ Just two little words added to the title could save a deserving show. And who could watch it while sober anyway?”
Krystal Waters, general manager, KROC-TV (NBC), Unpleasantville
“After seeing spots for Viagra, Milk of Magnesia, Gas-X, Summer’s Eve, Fiber Con, Super Poligrip, Celebrex, that damn purple pill, Preparation H and Depends, I need a drink-preferably several.”
Ben Dover, television critic, The Butte Trumpet, Butte, Mont.
“This is the group that put on ‘Inside Schwartz,’ ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘Emeril,’ right? They definitely need to go on the wagon.”
Polly Esther, executive-in-charge-of-spin, NBC, New York