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Apr 8, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“I do think that watching TV can inspire violence, but my view differs from that of the majority, who make a connection between violent TV and violent behavior. [Most] studies about aggression have not focused on content, [but on] kids who watch a great deal of TV.”
Marie Winn, author,“The Plug-in Drug: Television, Computers and Family Life”
“Not all programming content with violence inspires violence, and not all children who watch violent programming commit violence. But is there a causal relation? Of course there is. How many hundreds of studies need to be done before people will admit it?”
L. Brent Bozell, president, Parents Television Council
“I highly doubt more than one hour of TV a day is going to lead a teen to a violent adulthood. I was glued to the box as kid, and the only time I get violent is when the cable goes out. One exception, however, may be forced viewing of `Touched by an Angel.”’
Steve Gidlow, TV reporter, Pacific Publications