TV Development Watch

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Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Gamble, Tracy (EP/W pilot); Shadyac, Tom (EP–N/W); Suarez, Flody (EP–N/W); Bostick, Michael (EP–N/W); Cameron, W. Bruce (author); Junger, Gil (D pilot). Talent: John Ritter; Martin Spanjers; Kaley Cuoco; Amy Davidson; Katey Sagal. Logline: Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s book “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter … And Other Tips From a Beleaguered Father (Not That Any of Them Work).” Series centers on a protective father raising two teen daughters and a son.
Touchstone Television; Brad Grey Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Simms, Paul (EP/W pilot); Grey, Brad (EP–N/W); Burrows, James (D pilot). Talent: Ed Kerr; Nicole Sullivan; Stephen Root; Melanie Deanne Moore; Andrew Bilgore. Logline: An ex-Army lieutenant shakes up tradition as the new teacher at an all-boys prep school.
Touchstone; Jersey pilot pickup + three additional scripts. Auspices: Oakley, Bill & Weinstein, Josh (EP/W pilot); Oz, Frank (D pilot); Landgraf, John (EP–N/W); DeVito, Danny (EP–N/W); Shamberg, Michael (EP–N/W); Sher, Stacey (EP–N/W). Talent: Joel McCrary; Stephanie Lemelin; Larry Storch; Julia Campbell; E.J. Callahan; Simon Helberg; Adam Hicks. Logline: A single-camera series centering on the exploits of a multigenerational, eccentric extended family. However odd they may be, they are governed by traditional family values.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Hunt, Bonnie (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Lake, Don (EP/W pilot). Talent: Bonnie Hunt; Samantha Browne-Walters; Charlie Stewart; Anthony Russell; Marianne Muellerleile; Brian Kerwin; David Alan Grier. Logline: Bonnie Hunt stars as a woman working as a television host in her small town who must juggle work and family life.
Touchstone Television; NBC Studios pilot pickup. Auspices: Jacobs, Michael (EP/W pilot); Cadiff, Andy (D pilot); Jonas, Tony (EP–N/W). Talent: Mitch Rouse; Connie Britton; Lisa Rieffel; Stark Sands; Leah Pipes; Gavin Fink; Gregory Hines. Logline: A workaholic husband and father makes an attempt to reconnect with his wife and kids.
Touchstone Television; MGM; Marc Platt Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Platt, Marc (EP–N/W); Sweet, Rachel (EP/W pilot); Herman-Wurmfeld, Charles (D pilot). Talent: Jennifer Hall; Caitlin Mowrey; David Moscow; Jamie Iglehart; Christina Pickles. Logline: Based on the feature film about a dizzy blond woman who follows the guy who just dumped her to Harvard Law School. To everyone’s surprise, she’s a great success.
Carsey-Werner-Mandabach pilot pickup. Auspices: O’Doherty, Jim & Israel, David M. (EP/W pilot); Werner, Tom (EP–N/W); Carsey, Marcy (EP–N/W); Mandabach, Caryn (EP–N/W); Blanchard, John (D pilot). Talent: Lenny Venito; Nancy Cassaro. Logline: A guy who works at his family’s Buick dealership has his life turned upside-down when he becomes the mayor of his small town in Long Island, N.Y.
Touchstone Television; Wass-Stein pilot pickup. Auspices: Minsky, Terri (EP/W pilot); Wass, Nina (EP); Stein, Gene (EP); Wass, Ted (D pilot). Talent: Sara Rue; Andy Dick; Zachari Levi; Andrea Parker; Eric Roberts. Logline: An unglamorous 25-year-old woman gets a high-profile secretarial job and is surrounded by competitive co-workers.
Touchstone Television; Granada Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Kohan, Jenji (EP/W pilot); Bukinik, Suzanne (EP–N/W); Johnson, Ann (EP–N/W); Walker, Ally (P); Cadiff, Andy (D pilot). Talent: Ally Walker; Holly Robinson Peete; David Margulies; Christine Estabrook; Kayla Tobey. Logline: Billie is a woman struggling with the problems that face many single mothers in America today: how to balance a career and a family while searching for romantic satisfaction. Opportunities abound for Billie, but she knows from experience to hold out, investigate and ask questions. Now if only she could learn to wait for the answers before she acts. Based on a British format.
Touchstone Television; Wass-Stein pilot pickup. Auspices: Litt, David (EP/W pilot); Schiller, Rob (D pilot); Stein, Gene (EP–N/W); Wass, Nina (EP–N/W). Talent: Eric Christian Olsen; Kelly Karbacz; Daniel Stern; Estelle Harris; Bill Macy; John Francis Daley; Emiliano Diez; Lisa Ann Walter. Logline: A family comedy centering on a blue-collar guy who owns a hardware store in New York and whose 18-year-old daughter moves back home after an absence–with a baby. He and his wife must put their “empty nest” years on hold to help her raise the child.
Touchstone; Wass-Stein pilot pickup. Auspices: Ridley, John (EP/W pilot); Wass, Ted (D pilot); Wass, Nina (EP–N/W); Stein, Gene (EP–N/W). Talent: Ming-Na; Duane Martin; Suzy Nakamura; Emy Coligado; Will Sasso. Logline: Described as an interracial “Mad About You” in which a husband deals with his social wife and her large family.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Scherick, Jay & Ronn, David (EP/W pilot); Rodrigue, Nena (EP–N/W); Bernstein, Adam (D pilot). Talent: Danny Comden; James Lesure; Justina Machado; Chip Estin. Logline: A single-camera series a la a modern-day “Rockford Files” about an unorthodox private detective who comes from a family of “by the book” police officers.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Scherick, Jay & Ronn, David (EP/W pilot); Rodrigue, Nena (EP–N/W); Buckland, Marc (D pilot). Talent: Ever Carradine; Scott Grimes; Tamela Jones; Cress Williams; Vincent Ventresca; Sabrina Lloyd. Logline: Three couples are in various stages of their relationships.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: DeVincentis, D.V. (EP/W pilot); Pink, Steve (EP/W pilot); O’Neill, Patrick (EP/W pilot); Widdoes, James (D pilot). Talent: Frank Whaley; Paul Gleason; Channon Roe; Wallace Shawn; Tracy Villar. Logline: A workplace comedy about the hapless sales team at a solar heating company.
Touchstone Television; Brad Grey Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Zweibel, Alan (EP/W pilot); Turteltaub, Jon (D pilot). Talent: Griffin Dunne; Elizabeth Perkins; Jason Kravits; David Rasche; Alyson Stoner; Lauren Storm. Logline: A single-camera comedy that explores marriage from the husband’s point of view.
20th Century Fox Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Levitan, Steve (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Freedland, Alan & Cohen, Alan (EP/W pilot). Talent: Cheri Oteri; Reid Scott; Heather Burns; Peter Graves; Patrick Finn; Michael Horse. Logline: A hybrid single-camera and multicamera ensemble comedy centering on a strait-laced young man from Chicago who goes to work as a TV reporter at a small station in the spiritually rife town of Spirit, N.M.
CBS Productions; Regency Television pilot presentation pickup. Auspices: Laurie, Hugh (EP/W pilot); Taub, Alex (EP/W pilot); Hayman, Jim (D pilot). Talent: Liz Vassey; Hugh Laurie. Logline: A half-hour, single-camera comedy about a husband-and-wife detective team.
Paramount pilot pickup. Auspices: Crittenden, Jennifer (EP/W pilot); Rosenthal, Philip (EP); Zaks, Jerry (D pilot). Talent: Mary McCormack; Amy Farrington; Bryan Cuprill; Sean O’Bryan; Jeffrey Jones; Mia Farrow. Logline: A young divorced woman reinvents herself after losing her job and struggles against the dubious influence of her best friend and her mother.
20th Century Fox pilot pickup. Auspices: Richman, Jeff (EP/W pilot); Zaks, Jerry (D pilot). Talent: Nathan Lane; Ted McGinley; Stephanie Faracy; Regina King. Logline: Stars Nathan Lane as the former star of a hit TV series who becomes a freshman congressman from New Mexico and moves to Washington.
Paramount pilot pickup (13-episode commitment). Auspices: Lloyd, Chris (EP/W pilot); Keenan, Joe (EP/W pilot); Burrows, James (D pilot). Talent: Roger Bart; Traylor Howard; Katie Finnerman; Alfred Molina. Logline: A young woman is r
eunited with her father.
Studios USA cast-contingent pilot pickup. Auspices: Diamond, Bill (EP/W pilot); Cadiff, Andy (D pilot). Logline: A comedy focusing on an eccentric single mother of two.
Brad Grey Television; NBC Studios; Playtone pilot pickup. Auspices: Grey, Brad (EP); Wilson, Rita (EP); McCall, Marsh (EP/W pilot); Vardalos, Nia (EP/W pilot); Fryman, Pamela (D pilot). Talent: Nia Vardalos; Rita Moreno; Steven Eckholdt; Rob Boltin; Dan Hedaya. Logline: Loosely based on Nia Vardalos’ film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” which chronicles her experiences as a woman from a traditional Greek-American family who causes an uproar when she falls in love with a WASP.
20th Century Fox pilot pickup. Auspices: Burroughs, Diane (EP/W pilot); Gutierrez, Joe (EP/W pilot); Weyman, Andrew (D pilot). Talent: Mark Addy; Jami Gertz; Jennifer Irwin; Renee Olstead; Taylor Ball; Soleil Borda; Will Arnett. Logline: A multicamera family comedy about a close-knit blue-collar couple who, despite their problems, are still together. However, they are seemingly surrounded by broken homes and untraditional families.
20th Century Fox Television; Acme Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Strauss, Jeff (EP/W pilot); Hanel, Michael (EP–N/W); Schultheis, Mindy (EP–N/W); Halvorson, Gary (D pilot). Talent: Richard Ruccolo. Logline: A two-career married couple tries to juggle their respective jobs, relationship and kids.
Warner Bros. pilot pickup. Auspices: Lorre, Chuck (EP/W pilot); Fryman, Pamela (D pilot). Talent: Laurie Metcalf; Brian Dennehy; Michael DeLuise; Alanna Ubach; Branden Williams; Jackie Debatin; Sam Jaeger; Anne Meara. Logline: A romantic comedy about a widow and widower who cautiously enter into a relationship after years of being alone, despite the meddling of their respective adult children.
NBC Studios; Conaco. Auspices: EPs are O’Brien, Conan; Ross, Jeff; Woodard, Don; Maxwell, Tom; and Seder, Sam. Logline: A pair of New York City police officers work the beat.
20th Century Fox Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Blitt, Ricky (EP/W pilot); Gordon, Bryan (D pilot). Talent: Johnny Galecki; Sally Struthers; Gerald McRaney; Samantha Mathis. Logline: A neurotic 32-year-old man still lives with his parents, who alternately enable and belittle him.
20th Century Fox Television; Imagine Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Klarik, Jeffrey (EP/W pilot); Krantz, Tony (EP); Howard, Ron (EP); Grazer, Brian (EP); Halvorson, Gary (D pilot). Talent: Eddie McClintock; Christy Carlson Romano; Megalyn Echikunwoke; Lorri Bagley. Logline: About an all-girl boarding school in Vermont.
20th Century Fox Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Bowman, John (EP/W pilot); Wickline, Matt (EP/W pilot); Lathan, Stan (EP/D pilot); Cedric the Entertainer (EP). Talent: Cedric the Entertainer; Shaun Majumder; Amy Brassette; Wendy Raquel Robinson. Logline: A hybrid sitcom and sketch show based in family comedy.
Studios USA pilot presentation pickup. Auspices: Gilliland, Eric (EP/W pilot); Sandrich, Jay (D pilot). Talent: James Caan; Hamish Linklater; Mary Birdsong; Dan Byrd. Logline: A liberal prodigal returns from the Peace Corps, moves in with his Chicago family and clashes with his new conservative stepdad.
Studios USA; Granada USA pilot pickup. Auspices: Sternin, Joshua & Ventimilia, Jeff (EP/W pilot); Weyman, Andrew (D pilot); Johnson, Ann (EP–N/W). Talent: Randy Quaid; Carol Kane; Michael Cera; Brian Sites; Ricardo Antonio Chavira; Lori Rom. Logline: A teenage boy who is reminiscent of a young Drew Carey is inspired by his high school teacher to rise above the limitations imposed on him by his family, looks, etc.
20th Century Fox Television; DreamWorks Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Apatow, Judd (EP/W pilot); Forrester, Brent (EP/W pilot); Favreau, Jon (D pilot). Talent: Dave Herman; RonReaco Lee; Ana Ortiz; Jon Polito. Logline: Dave Herman stars as a parole officer whose best friend is an ex-con.
20th Century Fox pilot pickup. Auspices: Odenkirk, Bob (EP/W pilot); Brillstein, Bernie (EP); Truesdell, Keith (D pilot). Talent: Bob Odenkirk; Jay Johnston; Jerry Minor; Jill Talley; Rasika Mathur; Susan Yeagley. Logline: A sketch comedy in the vein of Mr. Odenkirk’s HBO series “Mr. Show.”
20th Century Fox Television; DreamWorks Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Gewirtz, Howard (EP/W pilot); Levitan, Steve (EP); Melman, Jeffrey (D pilot). Talent: Grant Rosenmeyer; Grant Shaud; Wendy Makkena; Andy Lawrence; Daveigh Chase. Logline: A single-camera comedy about a conservative teenager in the 1960s.
20th Century Fox pilot presentation pickup. Auspices: Scully, Mike (EP/W pilot); Thacker, Julie (EP/W pilot); Shallat Chemel, Lee (D pilot). Talent: Dylan Baker; David Henri; Kellie Waymire; Lizzy Caplan. Logline: A comedy about the unluckiest family in the world and their ongoing wacky adventures.
Warner Bros. Television; Mohawk Productions pilot presentation pickup. Auspices: Helford, Bruce (EP); Firestein, Les (EP/W pilot); Oppenheimer, Deborah (EP); Sykes, Wanda (P/W pilot); Crouther, Lance (P/W pilot); Cohen, Gerry (D pilot). Talent: Wanda Sykes. Logline: Ms. Sykes stars as a comedian who gets a job as a no-nonsense reporter at a Washington TV station.
20th Century Fox pilot pickup. Auspices: Appel, Richard (EP/W pilot); Lehmann, Michael (D pilot). Talent: Scott Foley; Rhasaan Orange; Amanda Detmer; Adam Rothenberg; Peter Jacobson; John Ross Bowie. Logline: A single-camera series set against the world of young U.S. prosecutors in a large metropolitan city. Described as a legal version of NBC’s “Scrubs.”
NBC Studios; Broadway Video pilot pickup. Auspices: Dresser, Rick (EP/W pilot); Leopold, Tom (EP/W pilot); Michaels, Lorne (EP–N/W); Pasquin, John (D pilot). Talent: Chevy Chase; Abigail Mavity; Allison Scagliotti-Smith; Rheagan Wallace; Tracie Thoms; Marian Seldes. Logline: A family comedy starring Mr. Chase as a man with three daughters.
NBC Studios; Paramount pilot pickup. Auspices: Chase, Adam (EP/W pilot); Wass, Ted (D pilot). Talent: Kyle Howard; Keri Lynn Pratt; Kevin Hart; Sarah Shahi; Rich Voll; Amy Laughlin. Logline: A young-adult ensemble comedy focusing on the trials and tribulations of six college freshmen.
NBC Studios; Conaco pilot pickup. Auspices: Doyle, Tim (EP/W pilot); O’Brien, Conan (EP); Morewitz, A.J. (EP); Junger, Gil (D pilot). Talent: Greg Giraldo. Logline: An unmarried stand-up comedian raises his 2-year-old daughter with the help of his male best friend.
20th Century Fox; Imagine pilot pickup. Auspices: Finkleman, Ken (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Krantz, Tony (EP); Grazer, Brian (EP); Howard, Ron (EP). Talent: Judy Greer; Stephen Colbert. Logline: Loosely based on Finkelman’s landmark limited-run Canadian series “The Newsroom,” a dark, documentary-style satire of the news business. The central character is a no-holds-barred, un-PC hybrid of Lou Grant and Archie Bunker who juggles his family life with his demanding profession.
Warner Bros. pilot pickup (13-episode commitment). Auspices: Kohan, David & Mutchnick, Max (EP/W pilot); Burrows, James (D pilot). Talent: Suzanne Pleshette; Mark Feuerstein; Tessie Santiago; Burke Moses; Ashley Williams; Jere Burns. Logline: After meeting the love of his life, a young, successful television producer is enticed to stay in Miami to save a struggling morning show.
NBC Studios; Warner Bros. Television; Primarily Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Swartzlander, Ric (EP/W pilot); Segal, Pete (EP/W pilot); Berlinger, Bob (D pilot); Daniels, Susanne (EP–N/W); Juergens, Kate (EP–N/W). Talent: Paula Marshall; Justin Louis; Tamara Taylor; Kristin Bauer; Dondre Whitfield. Logline: A family comedy told f
rom the point of view of a married man with three kids in the suburbs.
Paramount Network Television; Grammnet Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Reisman, Mark (EP/W pilot); Grammer, Kelsey (EP–N/W); Fryman, Pamela (D pilot). Talent: Elon Gold; Dennis Farina; Jean Smart; Bonnie Sommerville. Logline: A series centering on the uneasy relationships surrounding a man married to his overprotective father-in-law’s only daughter.
NBC Studios pilot pickup. Auspices: Groff, Jonathan (EP/W pilot); Kaplan, Vic (EP); Buckland, Marc (D pilot). Talent: Jason Bateman; Nikki Cox; Greg Grunberg; Kyle Gass; Leslie Grossman; Patricia Belcher. Logline: A single-camera series about a guy who leaves his high-paying, perk-ridden job to become a teacher.
NBC Studios; Pariah pilot pickup. Auspices: Forbes, Maya (EP/W pilot); Polone, Gavin (EP); Mancuso, Gail (D pilot). Talent: Alex Borstein; Greta Cavazzoni; Patti Lupone; Page Kennedy; Berglind Icey; Robert Bagnell; Victor Raider-Wexler. Logline: A comedy series starring Alex Borstein as a struggling writer who becomes a ghost writer for a supermodel with a magazine column.
NBC Studios; Warner Bros. Television pilot pickup (13-episode commitment). Auspices: Malins, Greg (EP/W pilot); Bright, Kevin (D pilot). Talent: Jessica Capshaw; Stephen Dunham; David Ramsey; Jerry O’Connell. Logline: Four firefighters (three men and one woman) attend to the many needs of the small town of Romeo.
Warner Bros.; Tollin Robbins Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Schneider, Dan (EP/W pilot); Calhoun, Wil (EP/W pilot); Halvorson, Gary (D pilot); Tollin, Michael (EP–N/W); Robbins, Brian (EP–N/W); Davola, Joe (EP–N/W). Talent: Amanda Bynes; Wesley Jonathan; Simon Rex; Jennie Garth. Logline: Amanda Bynes stars as a Manhattan high school student who moves in with her older sister when their father gets transferred to Japan.
Paramount; The Littlefield Company pilot pickup. Auspices: Weiner, Rick & Schwartz, Kenny (EP/W pilot); Littlefield, Warren (EP); Spiro, Lev (D pilot). Talent: Angela Bethany Goethals (Young Cheryl); Josh Wise (Young Pat); Gigi Rice; Michael Milhoan. Logline: A comedy series in the vein of the movie “Big.” A man in his 30s is sent back to his high school years in the 1980s.
Turner Television; Pariah pilot pickup. Auspices: Krofft, Sid & Krofft, Marty (EP–N/W); Polone, Gavin (EP–N/W); Young, Bob (W pilot); Kellman, Barnet (D pilot); Pope, Randy (EP). Talent: Tim Curry; Gary Cole; Sasha Pieterse; Luke Benward; Caitlin Wachs. Logline: A remake of the classic series about two orphans who go to live with their wealthy uncle.
Viacom Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Alpert, Kayla (EP/W pilot); O’Donnell, Tim (EP); Shriner, Will (D pilot). Talent: Debbie Reynolds; Jane Sibbett; Greg Pitts; Sara Paxton; Thad Luckinbill. Logline: A strait-laced mother of two’s libertine mother moves in with her and proceeds to exert her influence on the children.
Paramount pilot pickup. Auspices: Ranberg, Chuck & Flett-Giordano, Anne (EP/W pilot); Whitesell, John (D pilot). Talent: Amy Yasbeck; Sean Faris; Greg Cipes; Dan Cortese; Macey Cruthird; Alexandra Chando. Logline: A comedy series in the vein of “Kate & Allie,” except with a man and a woman who each have kids and decide to platonically share the same household.
Turner Television; Primarily Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Williams, Lona (EP/W pilot); Daniels, Susanne (EP–N/W); Juergens, Kate (EP–N/W); Widdoes, James (D pilot). Talent: Nat Faxon; Richard Trapp; Bianca Kojlich; Stacy Francis; Peter McKenzie. Logline: A workplace comedy set at a Chicago newspaper about a group of people who become a surrogate family to one another. At the center is the tense relationship between a brash female advice columnist and the new male celebrity columnist.
Big Ticket Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Murietta, Peter (EP/W pilot); Klein, Howard (EP–N/W); Miner, David (EP–N/W); Widdoes, James (D pilot); Greenberg, Suzy (SP). Talent: Julio Oscar Mechoso; Jacob Vargas; Aimee Garcia; Lupe Ontiveros; Rebecca Creskoff; Pablo Santos; Jamie Strange. Logline: A comedy series about a family that is half-Irish, half-Latino.
Turner Television pilot pickup. Auspices: O’Keefe, Mark (EP/W pilot); Ackerman, Andy (D pilot). Talent: Judge Reinhold; Kirsten Nelson; Joseph Cross; Tania Raymonde; Matt Weinberg. Logline: A family decides to send the kids to public school after years of home schooling.
Warner Bros. pilot pickup. Auspices: Cohen, Rob (EP/W pilot); Patterson, Dan (consultant); Cohen, Gerry (D pilot). Talent: Jeff B. Davis; Christen Nelson; Arden Myrin; Lance Barber; Michael Hitchcock; Mindy Sterling. Logline: A half-hour comedy series set in a hotel that incorporates elements of improv and variety.
Turner Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Fiveash, Chad (W pilot); Stotereax, James (W pilot); Lynch, Tommy (EP); Flender, Rodman (D pilot). Talent: Amber Tamblyn; Mike Erwin; Brooke Bloom; Camille Guaty; James Lafferty; Tembi Locke. Logline: A comedy series set in a co-ed boarding school.
Warner Bros. Television; Tollin/Robbins Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Murphy, Ryan (EP/W pilot); Wilk, Diane (EP/W pilot); Tollin, Michael (EP–N/W); Robbins, Brian (EP–N/W); Davola, Joe (EP–N/W); Cohen, Gerry (D pilot). Talent: Delta Burke; Gregory Harrison; Heather Matarazzo; Diane Delano; Joanna Canton. Logline: Delta Burke stars as a Manhattan socialite who returns to her prep school to do community service and winds up helping out four delinquent students and becoming their dorm mistress.
Brad Grey Television; Turner Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Engelberg, Wendy & Engelberg, Amy (EP/W pilot); Grey, Brad (EP); Whitesell, John (D pilot). Talent: Tori Spelling; Mike Damus; Bre Blair; Charlie O’Connell. Logline: A female buddy comedy set in New York City. The dynamic among the characters is reminiscent of “Laverne & Shirley,” but without the working-class sensibility.
20th Century Fox; Industry Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Robinson, Todd (EP/W pilot); Harmon, Robert (D pilot); Levisetti, Emile (EP–N/W); Wechsler, Nick (EP–N/W); Sander, Ian (EP–N/W); Moses, Kim (EP–N/W). Talent: Jonathan Banks; Chris Potter; Bobby Hosea; Yvette Nypar; Jeffrey Pierce. Logline: Series focusing on the young astronauts of NASA.
DreamWorks Television; Touchstone Television two-hour pilot pickup. Auspices: Lurie, Rod (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Frydman, Marc (EP–N/W). Talent: Leslie Bibb; David Paymer; Tom Berenger; Kyle Chandler; Peter Fonda; Jeffrey Sams); Brian Goodman. Logline: An inside look at politics through the eyes of an altruistic intern who decides to run against the senator she’s working for when she learns of his shady dealings.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Ridley, John (EP/W pilot); Misher, Kevin (EP–N/W); Barclay, Paris (D pilot). Talent: Lauren Tom; Byron Mann; Rona Figueroa; Dante Basco. Logline: The Chang family battles an evil sorceress who is trying to take over the world and re-create it in her evil image.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Gelbart, Larry (EP/W pilot); Dinner, Michael (D pilot); Topolsky, Ken (EP). Talent: Robert Sean Leonard; Martin Landau; John Larroquette; Patrick Dempsey; Balthazar Getty; Gretchen Egolf; Philip Baker Hall. Logline: An ensemble drama revolving around a family communications business empire built on hard work, luck … and an insatiable desire for power.
Touchstone Television; Wass-Stein pilot pickup. Auspices: Lemke, Darren (EP/W pilot); Brancato, Chris and Salke, Bert (EP/W pilot); Wass, Nina (EP–N/W); Stein, Gene (EP–N/W); Rodrigue, Nena (EP–N/W); Alcala, Felix (D pilot); Goodwin, Bob (EP–N/W). Talent: Saffron Burrows; DB Woodside; Billy Burke; Adam Goldberg. Logline: A dramatic series set at the Epidemic
Intelligence Service, or EIS, a branch of the Centers for Disease Control, concerning a group of infectious-disease investigators.
Studios USA pilot pickup. Auspices: Sachs, Gabe and Judah, Jeff (EP/W pilot); Brand, Josh (D pilot); Stokdyk, Danielle (P); Gwartz, Jennifer (P). Talent: Samm Levine); Lindsay Sloane; J.K. Simmons; Constance Zimmer; Devon Summersall; JoBeth Williams; Jake Richardson; Heather Stephens. Logline: A series about a young woman fresh out of law school who loses her corporate job, moves home and takes a job as a public defender.
Touchstone; Spyglass pilot pickup. Auspices: Hatem, Richard (EP/W pilot); Birnbaum, Roger (EP–N/W); Barber, Gary (EP–N/W); Reeves, Matt (D pilot). Talent: Skeet Ulrich; Angus MacFadyen. Logline: A Vatican miracle investigator valued for his ability to disprove claims of divine intervention experiences a true miracle and chooses to seek the truth behind such occurrences.
Touchstone two-hour pilot pickup. Auspices: Brown, Kevin (EP–N/W); Mann, Ami Canaan (W pilot); Frawley, James (D pilot). Talent: Maggie Lawson; Lauren Birkell; Jill Ritchie; Brett Cullen; Charlie Finn; Marieh Delfino; Heath Freeman; James Avery. Logline: A two-hour backdoor pilot for a potential series based on young female detective Nancy Drew, who returns to television as a college freshman journalism major whose natural curiosity leads her to investigate campus mysteries.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Platt, Marc (EP–N/W); Tieche, Gary (EP/W pilot); Hoffman, Michael (D pilot); Wolf-Weiss, Abby (EP–N/W). Talent: John Hannah; Robert Joy; Jacqueline McKenzie; Jane Lynch; Aunjanue Ellis; Michaela Conlin; William Fichtner; Anjul Nigam. Logline: Dedicated doctors battle the HMO system on a daily basis at an urban teaching hospital.
Touchstone pilot pickup. Auspices: Brady, Pam (EP/W pilot); Fleming, Andrew (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Inch, Kevin (P pilot). Talent: Kevin Kilner; Stacey Travis; Terry Chen; Tyler Andrews; Eddie Jemison; Seth Adkins; Sasha Barrese; Angela Sarafyan. Logline: A 16-year-old girl discovers that she has paranormal abilities at the same time the FBI does, and she is recruited to help the agency solve crimes.
Touchstone Television; LivePlanet pilot pickup + five additional scripts Auspices: Damon, Matt (EP–N/W); Affleck, Ben (EP/W pilot); Bailey, Sean (EP/W pilot); Moore, Chris (EP–N/W); McNaughton, John (D pilot). Talent: Derek Cecil; Scarlett Chorvat. Logline: A scripted series that gives viewers the chance to solve the plot’s mystery and win a real-life cash prize.
Touchstone Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Cohn, Dan and Miller, Jeremy (EP/W pilot); O’Fallon, Peter (D pilot); Kline, Jeff (EP–N/W). Talent: Jeffrey Tambor; James Bulliard; Bess Armstrong; Tyler Labine; Kiele Sanchez; Brad Raider; Tricia O’Kelley; Andrea Bowen. Logline: A 30-year-old tries to change history when he goes back in time to the pivotal moment in high school that he believes marked his downturn in life.
Touchstone; Wonderful World of Disney; Storyline Productions two-hour pilot pickup. Auspices: Massett, Patrick and Zinman, John (EP/W pilot); Spicer, Brian (EP/D pilot); Zadan, Craig (EP–N/W); Meron, Neil (EP–N/W). Talent: Ryan Merriman; Alex Carter; Cobie Smulders; Eric Balfour; Arnold Vosloo; Cynthia Martels. Logline: A two-hour backdoor pilot for a series about a rebellious 17-year-old who discovers his estranged archaeologist father leads a double life, and the youth becomes inadvertently entangled in his dad’s dangerous adventures solving real-life mysteries about history and civilization.
CBS Productions; Jerry Bruckheimer Productions; Alliance Atlantis pilot pickup. Auspices: Bruckheimer, Jerry (EP–N/W); Donahue, Ann (EP/W pilot); Mendelsohn, Carol (EP/showrunner/W pilot); Zuiker, Anthony (EP/W pilot); Cannon, Danny (SP/D pilot); Petersen, William (SP); Chvatal, Cindy (SP). Talent: Emily Procter; Adam Rodriguez; David Caruso; Rory Cochrane; Khandi Alexander. Logline: A planted spinoff episode that will offer another crime scene investigation locale and team.
Big Ticket pilot pickup. Auspices: Dougherty, Joe (W pilot); Ruddy, Al (EP); Rafshoon, Gerry (EP); Quinn, Sally (EP), Caddell, Patrick (EP); Winant, Scott (D pilot). Talent: Helen Mirren; Joanna Going; Ivan Martin; Andrew McCarthy; Fred Ward. Logline: A political drama that explores the real behind-the-scenes power in Washington. Series is named after the Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, which is known for its historic architecture and cobblestone streets.
Big Ticket Television; Pariah; CBS Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Koepp, David (EP/W pilot); Polone, Gavin (EP); Carter, Thomas (D pilot). Talent: David Morse; Andre Braugher; George Dzundza; Matthew Borish. Logline: A former police officer now drives a taxi and helps the “little guy” by solving crimes.
DreamWorks Television; Greenblatt Janollari Studio Pilot Presentation Pick Up Auspices: Anders, Allison (EP/D pilot/W pilot); Voss, Kurt (W pilot); Greenblatt, Robert (EP); Janollari, David (EP).
Talent: Marcia Gay Harden; Ashley Johnson; Brittany Finamore; Timothy Carhart; Graham Greene; Austin Marques; David Keith;. Logline: A social worker adopts a young Latino boy.
Spelling Television; CBS Productions; Third Millennium TV pilot pickup. Auspices: Newell, Mike (EP/D pilot); Son, Diana (W pilot); Jones, Cam (EP); Di Novi. Denise (EP–N/W). Talent: Andie MacDowell; Kathleen Chalfant; Manny Perez; Dylan Walsh; Josef Summer. Logline: A mother and daughter are veterinarians.
Brad Grey Television; Big Ticket Television pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Stallone, Sylvester (EP/W pilot); Grey, Brad (EP); Cidre, Cynthia (W pilot); Sullivan, Kevin (D pilot). Talent: Danny Nucci; Viola Davis; David Hewlett; Marin Hinkle; Marina Benedict. Logline: A former military man and war veteran becomes an unconventional priest in a low-income urban neighborhood and takes his message to the street.
Studios USA pilot pickup. Auspices: Mann, Michael (EP); Schnidel, Barry (EP/W pilot); Climan, Sandy (P); Strangis, Gary (P); Gyllenhaal, Stephen (D pilot). Talent: Tom Sizemore; David Cubitt; Barry “Shabaka” Henley; Michael Paul Chan; Klea Scott. Logline: Series centering on morally ambiguous police officers, a la the feature film “Training Day.”
Warner Bros.; John Wells Productions pilot pickup (13 episode commitment). Auspices: Wells, John (EP); Woodward, Lydia (EP/W pilot); Chulack, Chris (EP/D pilot). Talent: Dana Delany; Anna Deavere Smith; Sasha Alexander; Blythe Danner; Julianne Nicholson; Vyto Ruginis; Oded Fehr. Logline: Series set in a medical facility in San Francisco.
Regency Television; Revolution Studios; Shoelace Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Fox, Kevin (EP/W pilot); Goldsmith-Thomas, Elaine (EP–N/W); Robbins, Tim (D pilot); Schindler, Deborah (EP–N/W); Roberts, Julia (EP–N/W). Talent: Oliver Platt; Annabella Sciorra; Robert Loggia; L. Scott Caldwell. Logline: Series about a Supreme Court justice in Queens, N.Y.
Studios USA; Heel and Toe Films pilot pickup. Auspices: Attanasio, Paul (EP/W pilot); Jacobs, Katie (EP); Fleder, Gary (D pilot). Talent: Billy Baldwin; Colm Meaney; Shea Whigham; Paul Adelstein; Bill Duke; Mary Stuart Masterson. Logline: A cop drama set in South Central Los Angeles.
Warner Bros. Television; Jerry Bruckheimer Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Bruckheimer, Jerry (EP–N/W); Steinberg, Hank (Co-EP/W pilot); Nutter, David (D pilot); Littman, Jonathan (EP–N/W). Talent: Anthony LaPaglia; Marianne Jean-Baptiste; Enrique Murciano; Eric Close; Poppy Montgomery. Logline: Series that centers on the search for missing persons.
Warner Bros pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Cowan, Jon and Rovner, Robert (SP/W pilot); Leonard, Jim (EP pilot); Robin, Mike (D pilot). Talent: Jason O’Mara; Marcia Cross; Lori Loughlin; Riley Smith; Kelly Rut
herford; Chris Evans; Jonathan Bennett. Logline: Series based on the 15-year-old son of the devil from John Updike’s “The Witches of Eastwick” and his adventures with his dad.
Warner Bros. pilot pickup. Auspices: MacNamara, John (EP/W pilot); Joseph McGinty Mitchell a k a “McG” (EP/D pilot); Rappaport, Daniel (EP–N/W); Savage, Stephanie (P–N/W). Talent: Bill Bellamy; Peter Facinelli; Tiffani Thiessen. Logline: A fast-paced police drama revolving around two undercover officers who work to prevent crime.
20th Century Fox; Mutant Enemy two-hour pilot pickup (13-episode commitment). Auspices: Whedon, Joss (EP/W pilot/D pilot). Talent: Nathan Fillion; Sean Maher; Adam Baldwin; Jewel Staite; Gina Torres; Ron Glass; Summer Glau; Morena Baccarin. Logline: A two-hour pilot for a science-fiction drama that takes place 500 years in the future and centers on the iconoclastic crew of a small spaceship.
20th Century Fox Television; David E. Kelley Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Kelley, David E. (EP/W pilot); Holland, Todd (D pilot). Talent: Giancarlo Esposito. Logline: Three female lawyers live together in a San Francisco loft. Series explores the women’s personal and professional lives.
Regency pilot pickup. Auspices: Camp, Brandon (EP/W pilot); Thompson, Mike (EP/W pilot); Leder, Mimi (EP/D pilot). Talent: Dominic Purcell; Azura Skye; Elizabeth Lackey; Meat Loaf. Logline: Series described as the former NBC series “The Pretender” meets the feature film “Unbreakable.”
Paramount; The Littlefield Co. pilot pickup. Auspices: Wyman, Joel (EP/W pilot); West, Simon (EP/D pilot); Littlefield, Warren (EP); Polhemus, Jib (P). Talent: Mark Valley. Logline: Series about an American cop who goes to London to solve an international mystery that has destroyed his career and stays, becoming a private investigator.
Paramount; Cort/Madden Company pilot pickup. Auspices: Cort, Bob (EP); Madden, David (EP); Pyne, Dan (EP); Johnson, Toni Ann (W pilot); Iscove, Rob ( D pilot). Talent: Chelsea Hobbs; Keith Robinson; Sam Sarpong; Crystal Grant; Krystal Harris; Faune Chambers; Michael Woods. Logline: Series based on the feature film about a white girl from a Midwestern suburb who dreams of becoming a ballerina. After her mother’s death she moves in with her father in a South Chicago ghetto, and her passion for life and dance are renewed when she falls in love with a young black boy in her high school. Bigotry ensues.
20th Century Fox pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Rake, Jeff (EP/W pilot); Wainwright, Rupert (D pilot). Talent: Paul Blackthorne; Matt Keeslar; Nick Offerman; Collen Porch; Alexa Davalos; Jessica Steen. Logline: An ensemble drama set in the Secret Service.
20th Century Fox pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Koenig, Kip (EP/W pilot); Parouse, Dawn (P–N/W); Spiller, Michael (D pilot). Talent: Travis Wester; Nora Zehetner; Nathan West; Maggie Grace; Danny Swerdlow; Patrick Flueger; Samantha Streets; Marguerite MacIntyre; Vincent Angell. Logline: Septuplets run a hotel in Santa Monica, Calif.
20th Century Fox Television; Regency Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Ravich, Rand (EP/W pilot); Holland, Todd (EP/D pilot); Burns, Kevin (EP–N/W); Jashni, John (EP–N/W); Lazar, Andrew (EP–N/W). Talent: David Conrad; Andrea Roth; Max Baker; Bob Koherr. Logline: Series about a male operative and a female operative who travel through time to prevent disasters.
NBC Studios pilot pickup. Auspices: Aubuchon, Remi (EP/W pilot); Yost, Graham (EP/W pilot); Salomon, Mikael (D pilot). Talent: Paul Wasilewski; Julian Morris; James Hoare; Stephen Billington; Tony Mandsley; Laura Rees; David Birkin; Adrian Lukis; Deslond Barrit; Patrick Gordon; Mark Tandy; Clive Swift. Logline: Series about the young King Arthur that’s given the treatment of the feature film “A Knight’s Tale.”
NBC Studios; DreamWorks Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Yost, Graham (EP/W pilot); Avnet, Jon (D pilot). Talent: Donnie Wahlberg; Mykelti Williamson; Jason Gedrick; Gary Basaraba; Neal McDonough; Lanna Parilla. Logline: Series described as being evocative of the Akira Kurosawa film “Rashomon,” which explored a crime from the perspectives of four witnesses. This version applies the storytelling technique to the police.
Spelling pilot pickup. Auspices: Mills, David (EP/W pilot); Spelling, Aaron (EP): Vincent, E. Duke (EP); Coulter, Allen (D pilot). Talent: Yancey Arias; Steven Bauer; Sheryl Lee; Brian Benben; Angela Alvarado Rosa; Ruben Carbajal. Logline: Series in the vein of the feature film “Traffic,” centering on the drug trade.
Studios USA; Dick Clark Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Prince, Jonathan (EP/W pilot); Herman, Ellie (W pilot); Semel, Dave (D pilot); Clark, Dick (EP–N/W). Talent: Tom Verica; Gail O’Grady; Will Estes; Brittany Snow; Sarah Ramos; Ethan Dampf; Vanessa Lengies; Virginia Madsen. Logline: A `60s family drama set against the classic musical series “American Bandstand.”
NBC Studios; Touchstone Television; Handprint Entertainment pilot pickup + two additional scripts. Auspices: Duggan, Michael (EP/W pilot); Surjik, Stephen (D pilot). Talent: Roselyn Sanchez; Keith David); Tamara Mello; Diana-Maria Riva; Jonathan Silverman; Steven Gormley; Jen Drohan. Logline: A Miami-based drama about a rebellious and sexy Latina undercover FBI agent.
NBC Studios; Studios USA pilot pickup. Auspices: O’Donnell, Lawrence (EP/W pilot); Hart, James (Co-EP); Gates, Tucker (D pilot). Talent: Josh Brolin; William Russ; David Norona; Audra McDonald. Logline: An idealistic and somewhat naive man in his mid-30s becomes a U.S. senator a la “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”
NBC Studios pilot pickup. Auspices: Lynch, Tom (EP/W pilot); Laneuville, Eric (D pilot). Talent: Mel Harris; Ed Quinn. Logline: A family adventure drama focusing on veterinarians in Africa.
NBC Studios; Industry Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Noah, Peter (EP/W pilot); Addis, Keith (EP–N/W); Wechsler, Nick (EP–N/W); Levisetti, Emile (EP–N/W); Singer, Bob (D pilot). Talent: Jeff Goldblum; Lake Bell. Logline: War correspondents in Uzbekistan use humor to get through the hard times.
Warner Bros.; Castle Rock pilot pickup. Auspices: Kasdan, Jake (EP/W pilot/D pilot); Green, Walon (EP/W pilot). Talent: Alan Cumming; David Julian Hirsh. Logline: Series based on the feature film of the same name about an eccentric private detective.
Regency Television; Greenblatt Janollari Studio; American Zoetrope pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Ridley, John (W pilot); Coppola, Francis Ford (EP–N/W); Greenblatt, Bob (EP–N/W); Janollari, David (EP–N/W); Bray, Kevin (D pilot). Logline: Two African American brothers own a hip-hop record label.
CBS Productions; Viacom Productions; Industry Entertainment pilot pickup. Auspices: Ramage, Rick and Cosby, Andrew (W pilot); Levisetti, Emile (EP–N/W); Wechsler, Nick (EP–N/W); Addis, Keith (EP–N/W); Rymer, Michael (D pilot). Talent: Matthew Fox; Joelle Carter; Russell Hornsby; Robert Knepper. Logline: Haunted by the ghost of a murder victim, a private investigator uses information from the spirit world to solve missing-persons cases.
Warner Bros. Television; Jerry Bruckheimer Productions pilot pickup.
Auspices: Kinberg, Simon (EP/W pilot); Bruckheimer, Jerry (EP–N/W); Littman, Jonathan (EP–N/W); Gillespie, Jim (D pilot). Talent: Matthew Marsden; Khalil Kain; Joie Lenz; Dahlia Salem. Logline: After inheriting a watch from his deceased grandfather, a young man discovers that wearing the watch gives him superpowers and the awareness that superpowers and supervillains exist in the world.
Columbia TriStar Television; Wendy Finerman Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Sutton, Phoef (EP/W pilot); Legan, Mark (EP/W pilot); Finerman, Wendy (EP–N/W); Evanovich, Janet (author); Grossman, David (D pilo
t). Talent: Lynn Collins; Evan Dexter Parke; Michael Rispoli; Tyler Christopher. Logline: Series based on the book by Janet Evanovich. The story centers on Stephanie Plum of New Jersey, a laid-off discount lingerie buyer. Desperate for bucks, she pursues a career as an “apprehension agent,” tracking down scofflaws for her bail bondsman cousin.
Trilogy Entertainment; New Line Television pilot pickup. Auspices: Densham, Pen (EP/W pilot); Stern, Mark (EP–N/W); Watson, John (EP–N/W); Frakes, Jonathan (D pilot). Talent: Whitaker, Forest (Host); Jeremy Piven (pilot only); Olivia D’Abo (pilot only); Vincent Laresca (pilot only). Logline: A remake of the legendary anthology series that offered stories of the unexplained–with a twist.
Warner Bros.; Regency Television; Shephard Robin pilot presentation pickup Auspices: Dick, Leonard (EP/W pilot); Shephard, Greer (EP–N/W); Robin, Michael (EP–N/W); Kwapis, Ken (D pilot). Talent: Daniel Baldwin; Colleen Flynn; Shawn Ashmore; Sarah Hudson. Logline: A light-hearted family drama centering on a student at an elite private school who’s the son of a poker-playing rounder.
Warner Bros.; Tollin/Robbins Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Kalogridis, Laeta (Co-EP/W pilot); Tollin, Michael (EP–N/W); Robbins, Brian (EP/D pilot); Davola, Joe (EP–N/W). Talent: Rachel Skarsten; Dina Meyer; Ashley Scott; Shemar Moore; Sherilyn Fenn (guest). Logline: Based on a DC Comics offshoot of the Batman franchise in which three young women battle villains in Gotham City.
Warner Bros. Television; Tollin/Robbins Productions pilot pickup. Auspices: Kamen, Robert (EP/W pilot); Caruso, D.J. (D pilot); Sellers, Dylan (EP–N/W); Tollin, Michael (EP–N/W); Robbins, Brian (EP–N/W); Davola, Joe (EP–N/W). Talent: Missy Peregrym; Sarah Carter; Russell Wong; Ray J; Corey Sevier. Logline: Former cop falsely accused and incarcerated for a crime he did not commit returns to the United States and becomes a martial arts hero determined to exact justice.
Spelling pilot pickup. Auspices: Hervey, Winifred (EP/W pilot); Miner, Steve (D pilot); Spelling, Aaron (EP); Vincent, E. Duke (EP). Talent: Rob Estes; Tammy Townsend; Patrick Stogner; Danica Stewart; Grace Caroline Fulton; Drew Fuller; Jeremy Ray Valdez. Logline: A heartfelt drama about a military family whose father has just returned after two years away, bringing news that he must yet again uproot the family and head to a new base in Southern California.
Warner Bros. pilot pickup. Auspices: Berlanti, Greg (EP/W pilot); Liddell, Mickey (Co-EP–N/W); Piznarski, Mark (D pilot). Talent: Treat Williams; Gregory Smith; Tom Amandes; John Beasley; Debra Mooney; Emily VanKamp. Logline: A famous widowed neurosurgeon moves with his teenage kids from New York City to a small town in Colorado.
Turner Television; American Zoetrope pilot pickup. Auspices: Ungerleider, Ira (EP/W pilot); Coppola, Francis Ford (EP–N/W); Glatter, Lesli Linka (D pilot); Suro, Maira (EP–N/W). Talent: Dana Wheeler-Nicholson; Mark Moses, Billy Kay; Edwin Hodge; Trevor Fehrman. Logline: A family-oriented series set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement in 1964 about a group of high school boys who come of age in Baton Rouge, La., and whose lives are changed by school integration.
Warner Bros. Television; A Band Apart pilot pickup. Auspices: Hayter, David (EP/W pilot); Garris, Mick (D pilot); Bender, Lawrence (EP–N/W); Brown, Kevin (EP–N/W); Smith, Joel (EP–N/W); Baum, L. Frank (author). Talent: Mia Sara; Melissa George; Colin Egglesfield; Lynn Whitfield; Sandra Allen. Logline: A romantic fantasy starring Melissa George as Alex Wilder, a brilliant student from Kansas who is pondering her future when a tornado whisks her away to Oz. There she leads a revolt against Emerald City.
Note: Pilots slated for a midseason 2003 debut are not included because they are not shooting and therefore are not in contention for the fall 2002 schedule.
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