Profile: John Baisley

May 20, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: President of Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co., a unit of Panasonic System Sales Co.
Background: Mr. Baisley assumed the helm of Panasonic Broadcast in early April after most recently serving as general manager of planning for Panasonic System Sales Co. He has been with Panasonic for 18 years and started at the company as general counsel for Panafax, which made fax machines. When that division merged into Panasonic, he branched out and took a planning position. He has a law degree, which has proved useful on the management side, since issues legal in nature arise in business, such as contract negotiations, alliances and distribution.
“A lawyer is trained to review complex cases, distill the facts down to what is relevant, apply the law and succinctly state the result,” he said. “This method of case review applies equally to any business issues which one may come across. That’s been a good background to have that knowledge of dos and don’ts.”
Refocus: Mr. Baisley’s top priority as president is to re-energize the company externally and internally. “It’s no secret the professional video market has had some down years,” he said. “Certainly there is business out there, whether the market is growing, shrinking or stagnating. If it’s not growing, you need to get a bigger piece of that piece.” To do that, Panasonic is pushing the “content creation” side, particularly high-definition and 24p products, such as the AJ-HDC27 varicam HD camera. “It comes very close to a film look with its variable frame rate capability and has been very well received. Where there has been a great opportunity for high-definition is on the production side because [TV stations] realize they will need that eventually. That’s an opportunity to grow share,” he said.
HD trends: The explosion of DVDs and the inherent high picture quality, the desire for a home theatre experience and lower price points for televisions have led consumers to purchase wide-screen sets in increasingly large numbers, Mr. Baisley said. Such growing awareness and interest in larger-screen TVs could in turn open consumers’ eyes to the notion that a high-definition set could really make an even bigger difference, he said.#