Quick Takes

May 20, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Not if we’re still thinking of network TV as a mass medium. Its MTV ratings are equivalent to No. 75-80 in network prime time, not a level to aspire to. But right after `Fear Factor’ … well …”
Bob Laurence, TV critic, San Diego Union-Tribune
“It might actually work. Most people would think it couldn’t work because of the obscenities, but they bleep [them] out, and besides, no one really knows what Ozzy’s saying anyway. Now if they start using subtitles, I think that it might have to stay on cable.”
Susan Young, features writer, Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
“No. I think networks would be uncomfortable with that level of bleeping. I think a network audience as well would not be as attuned to who Ozzy is-they might not be as sympathetic to his obviously burned-out condition as the MTV audience.”
Andy Smith, TV critic, Providence (R.I.) Journal