Quick Takes

Jun 3, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“I would have loved to have seen Margaret Mead, and since Phil Donahue’s unavailable, I think the most interesting combination would be `What Did Ann Say,’ co-hosted by Annie Liebowitz and Anna Nicole Smith.”
Bob Klingle, VP/general manager, WHAS-TV (ABC), Louisville, Ky.
“Why a celebrity? Everyday people have so much to offer. One reason Rosie was so popular was because she was like a neighbor, introducing us to the extraordinary people in our everyday lives. As a viewer, I find comfort in that.”
Janine Strafaci, anchor, News 12 New Jersey
“I think we need less talk show hosts-I’d like to drag out some of the ones we have and shoot them. I guess I’d say Dana Delaney. I know I personally would tell her anything if I were on a show and she was asking the questions.”
Glenn Garvin, television critic, Miami Herald