Quick Takes

Jun 24, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“The repeal of fin-syn has swung the pendulum too far. Independent television production is now practically nonexistent. The goal is diversity, which has to include a robust sector of programming suppliers not owned by the nets.”
Martin Kaplan, director, USC Annenberg School’s Norman Lear Center
“What we’re concerned about is the ownership position, the ability to generate fake copyrights and distribution rights as a condition of getting programs on the air. We [don’t] expect to … reinstate [fin-syn] … but we think there should be some limitations.”
Charles Fries, CEO, Chuck Fries Productions
“Would it be too much to ask to turn the clock back 20 years? There was more independence, more diversity, more chances for success and a lot less control of the distribution side. Ask Disney/ ABC how the relaxed regulations have helped them.”
Gary Lico, president/CEO, CABLEready