Who’s got the power?

Jun 3, 2002  •  Post A Comment

We finally know.
Electronic Media’s staff-after months of hand wringing, teeth gnashing and fending off relentless Hollywood publicists-has determined the most powerful players in the television business.
It took many meetings, bitter arguments and untold exchanges of e-mail (not to mention desperate pleas for reconsideration) to finalize this list.
Our experienced staff brings to bear a level of expertise that singularly qualifies us to make the call. We disqualified the Rupert Murdochs and the Sumner Redstones of the industry, instead making our selections from the pool of hands-on executives and creative types whose decisions determine what viewers see on television-and in some cases, even how that programming is delivered and will be delivered in the future.
Compiling such a list is an inexact science. It’s impossible to make a precise quantitative assessment of power in such a complex and diverse industry peopled by scores of talented individuals. As a result, we’ve factored in such qualities as accomplishment, position, potential, circumstance and buzz.
Here, then, is the lineup for Electronic Media’s first edition of TV’s Power 50.