At Press Time

Jul 22, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Cable rate hearings set
Washington-The Senate communications subcommittee has slated oversight hearings Wednesday to consider cable TV rate hikes and other industry issues. The Consumers Union is expected to charge that cable rates have risen 43 percent since 1996, two and half times the rate of inflation. But a cable TV industry source said even the threat of regulation could hammer cable stocks. “If they [lawmakers] start threatening re-regulation, a hurting industry is going to hurt a lot more,” the source said. “They need to tread carefully.”
Chung beats Donahue
New York-After three straight nights of ratings decline, MSNBC’s Phil Donahue was decisively whipped by CNN’s Connie Chung Thursday night. Ms. Chung, who focused on the Samantha Runnion kidnapping and the Inglewood, Calif., police brutality case, attracted 957,000 viewers. Mr. Donahue, who waged an extended debate with caustic conservative writer Ann Coulter, drew 523,000 viewers. He debuted on July 15 to 1.1 million viewers and lost 40 percent of his audience the second night. Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly outdrew his two competitors combined with 2.395 million viewers.
Nielsen measures TiVo
Boston-Tuning, recording and playback of TV programs on TiVo digital personal video recorders can now be measured by Nielsen Media Research. The breakthrough was announced by Nielsen President Susan Whiting at a CTAM panel in Boston July 16. The new software enables Nielsen meters to “talk” to TiVo systems in Nielsen sample homes.