Getting a read on Martha

Jul 8, 2002  •  Post A Comment

News items: Worldcom, Enron, Xerox, Adelphia and, of course, Martha “I’m not a Clone” Stewart. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said in an editorial last week, “Since the news of her December 2001 sale of 4,000 shares of ImClone stock-a day before the company’s cancer drug was rebuffed by the FDA-the former Connecticut housewife-turned-mogul has become an American pinup girl for corporate greed.”
We now take you to the most recent taping of Ms. Stewart’s TV show:
Martha Stewart: Please welcome my good friend, neighbor and gourmet chef in his own right, Paul Newman. A collection of Paul’s films is just out on DVD. What’s old is new again.
Paul Newman (politely kissing her on the cheek): Thank you, Martha.
Martha: What do you call the dish we’re going to make today?
Paul: Prison pasta.
Martha: Yum. And this is from …?
Paul: “Cool Hand Luke.”
Martha: One of my favorites. Today we’re going retro. What was the famous line again from that movie?
Paul (smiling): “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
Martha: Tell me about it. Paul, as you’re preparing your pasta, I see you’ve also brought along some summer reading. What have we got here?
Paul: A lot of American classics. “Huck Finn.” “Liar’s Poker.” “Barbarians at the Gate.” And, of course, I’m revisiting some of yours: “Good Things For Organizing,” and my favorite, “Seedy Gardens.”
Martha: That’s “Gardens From Seed.” You know, I can make a stew with all these.
Paul: Oh really?
Announcer: When we come back, Martha cooks the books.
Chuck Ross is publisher and editorial director of Electronic Media.