Profile: Coleman Breland

Jul 29, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Senior VP, marketing and sales, Turner Network Sales
Recent interesting promotion: “When CNN Headline News finished a renovation of its on-air look and delivery of news, we created the Time Making Tips Sweepstakes, which included a local prize pack consisting of a portable DVD player, 10 DVD movie titles from Warner Home Video and a digital camera. We also prepared turnkey sales support materials, including point-of-purchase kiosks. These elements provided the local ad sales groups a package they could take to their advertisers. Acceptance was very strong-122 systems participated in the initiative, and one market sold the promotion through for an `incremental’ $150,000.”
The next big thing: “Finding consistent scenarios to build local cable extensions from the broader national promotions conducted by our networks. The key is getting the local component integrated into the early stages of development and finding the right ad categories that are cooperative rather than competitive. Take a consumer product national buy and build local grocery extensions, for example. We’ve already got a couple of these under our belt, but there is much that can be done in this area. It should become as normal as breathing.”
Is there anything you wish you had promoted less of: “Turner-owned World Championship Wrestling in the early years of wrestling when it was fun and lighthearted with personalities such as Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair running the show. At that juncture, it was easy to get behind the product and roll out successful local ad sales initiatives. Once the overall category of wrestling as a whole became more outlandish, it became difficult to align the product with local advertisers. We have since sold the WCW.”
Is there anything you wish you had promoted more of: “In retrospect, Cartoon Network’s original series the very first day they arrived. We got the message out, yet I don’t believe we even knew ourselves how popular the series would become. There are plenty of opportunities for us to help local cable operators generate local ad revenue on this network.”
If you weren’t in marketing and sales: “I would be a writer for DC Comics.”