Profile: Marcie Hill

Jul 22, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Group director of buying, PHD Detroit
Recent interesting deal: “Last year Jeep wanted to drive awareness for the Jeep Liberty launch-not just national commercial exposure but grass-roots, brand-true involvement.
“Jeep became the presenting sponsor of the Great Outdoor Games [which aired on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2]. Broadcast exposure ranged from commercials in the telecast to co-branded promotional vignettes and tune-in ads. Radio spotlights, remote sponsorships, print teasers and spectator guides supported the sponsorship. Liberty was also on camera, not as a prop but organically integrated, displaying towing and off-road capabilities. At Lake Placid [where the Games were held], Jeep was everywhere-Jumbotron spots, fixed and rotational signage, PA announcements, posters, kiosks, vehicle displays, giveaways and product involvement in the Interactive Village.
“Along with general Web site exposure on ESPN.com, Jeep ran a `Ticket To The Great Outdoor’ promotion for which game pieces representing Great Outdoor Games events were e-mailed to players prior to the telecasts. Outdoor Adventure trips were given away each night via Watch n’ Win promo spots.
“In the final telecast, viewers played for the grand prize: a new Jeep Liberty. The promotion drew more than 10,000 entries in the first week and delivered more than 125,000 Web impressions.”
Is there anything you wish you had bought more of? “Properties and opportunities that represent the brand personality and offer the ability for product capabilities to be exposed-for example, Jeep doing some towing or off-roading, showing what it does best, but integrated into the program vs. a commercial-type message.”
Is there anything you wish you had bought less of? “It’s what I refer to as the `proverbial built-in ADU [audience deficiency unit] package’ and unfortunately we are all subject to this purchase. As rating gaps between buyers and sellers have grown in broadcast and cable, we find that schedules are underdelivering during specified flights. While ongoing efforts are made to rectify this problem, there have been cases where the only way to rectify the situation boils down to `cash back,’ which is not advantageous for either side.
The next big thing: The industry is still struggling with the true implementation of cross-platform opportunities, but with time and experience this should become a very advantageous way to do business. … What’s important to keep in mind is that cross-platform doesn’t necessarily need to be a large out-of-pocket expense as much as it must be all-encompassing and coordinated.”
If you weren’t in media buying: “If I’d traveled down a different path I might have pursued a career in interior design, architecture or financial advising.”