Product Spotlight: appareNet

Aug 5, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: appareNet, network intelligence software from jaalaM, based in Vancouver, B.C. jaalaM specializes in network performance management and earlier this year began working with production company Rainmaker Entertainment Group to deliver its video footage, i.e. digital dailies.
How it works: appareNet network intelligence system allows customers, such as Rainmaker, to pinpoint network performance problems to ensure material is delivered in a timely fashion. The software is able to essentially peer down the network to diagnose performance problems because it can view the actual network performance, said Wayne Browne, director of marketing for jaalaM.
Problem solved: Postproduction facility Rainmaker had been sending its digital dailies to an FTP server in Vancouver and then to Los Angeles earlier this year. However, the company was losing 50 percent of its packets, so it was forced to retransmit several times, Mr. Browne said. “The person in L.A. who wants it at 6 p.m. and doesn’t get it by 6 p.m. doesn’t care why it doesn’t get there, so there’s a lot of fingerpointing,” he said. What appareNet does is allow the ability to fingerpoint exactly why the transmission didn’t work, Mr. Browne said. “It allows all the parties involved to rectify and fix the situation so [material] can be delivered on time. The software can peer down the network to determine the speed of the network and how much traffic is on it. It’s like looking at how big a highway is and how many cars are on it. It will tell you how many hours it will take [to transmit] so you can accurately and reliably predict the time it will take. It’s like knowing you need to leave 15 minutes earlier for work to get there on time,” he said.
Rainmaker was able to use jaalaM’s software to identify configuration problems within its service provider that had caused packet loss. Once appareNet identified the problem, it was fixed within 48 hours, Mr. Browne said.
Target market: The product is designed for enterprises or organizations that depend on network performance and reliability, such as entertainment, transportation and medical entities.
Cost: The product starts at $30,000.