Profile: Michael Drexler

Aug 19, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: CEO, Optimedia International USA
Recent interesting deal: “Most recently we were challenged with a rebranding campaign for VoiceStream that included a name change to T-Mobile and the introduction of their new spokesperson, Catherine Zeta-Jones. The concept was not only to enhance the visibility of the advertising but also to excite consumers with an opportunity to participate in media events. Working with media sales conglomerates, ViacomPlus and AOL Time Warner, we created promotions in signature TV properties, such as NFL football on CBS and events and award shows on MTV, VH1, CMT and BET, with prizes not available to the general public, including studio and backstage access; cross-platform vignettes; product placement with on-air demonstrations; co-branding with theatrical movies on DVD and several network show promotions; sweepstakes for one-of-a-kind prizes (for example, walk-on roles in TV shows) and access passes to world-class sports and entertainment events as well as sponsorship of media content for both wired and wireless functionality.”
The next big thing: “It’s the onset of personal video recorders and video-on-demand. When the PVR and digital set-top box reach critical mass, and they will, we’d better be prepared to deal with commercial deletion and consumer control of program scheduling. I believe the whole network model will also change. Product placement is a very shortsighted solution. It’s not a fully executional sales message by any means. More compelling commercials? Isn’t that what agencies have always tried to do? No, it’s not an easy solution, but we must find ways to develop and integrate commercial content into the viewing experience so that consumers will seek it out as they do with programming now.”
Is there anything you wish you had bought less of? “If the failure rate of new TV shows is in the neighborhood of 75 percent, I want to keep my average far below that and continue to buy less of the shows that don’t make it into the next year.”
Is there anything you wish you had bought more of? “Sure. Hits. Kidding aside, as an example, `American Idol’ is a show our agency felt strongly about. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough clients in the summer to capitalize on its potential success.”
If you weren’t in media buying: I suppose if I left media I would have further developed my photography skills.”