Quick Takes

Aug 5, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“This is going to be a banner year for us, we hope, with the heated gubernatorial race and the sensitivity that we have about voting in Florida. … We are on guard and excited about the opportunity the additional political revenue will offer.”
Susan Adams Loyd, general manager, WTEV-TV (CBS), Jacksonville, Fla.
“The governor’s race in Arizona could prove to be very interesting and has generated some dollars for the September primary, but the largest dollars will probably be for issue advertising, particularly Indian gaming rights for tribes located on the Colorado River.”
Paul Heebink, general manager, KYMA-TV (NBC), Yuma, Ariz.
“We really only have one race that looks like it may evolve into a heated congressional race. The hotter it gets, the more chances of them putting political advertising heavily in state. I would say it’s not going to be a major influx.”
David Cavileer, VP/general manger, WXVT-TV (CBS), Greenville, Miss.