Quick Takes

Aug 19, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Chairman Powell’s actions will certainly help move along the transition to digital. By mandating digital tuners in televisions, digital TV set penetration will increase at a greater rate and consumers will no longer be confused as to what to buy.”
Michael Fiorile, pres./CEO, Dispatch Broadcast Group, Columbus, Ohio
“If it doesn’t increase the price of TVs too much, it’s a step in the right direction. But Congress hasn’t forced the broadcasters to give up their analog spectrum, [so] it is hard to see why they would invest the effort to create a successful digital service.”
Cheryl Leanza, deputy director, Media Access Project, Washington
“It’s an important start. The public, for the most part, doesn’t care about DTV. But I think that will change when there’s plenty of DTV programming and TV sets can display it. The FCC actions should accelerate the timetable.”
Rich Gordon, associate professor/ chair, New Media, Northwestern Univ.