Product Spotlight: MGW 2000

Sep 16, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Optibase’s MGW 2000, a TV streaming platform that enables the delivery of video over IP networks.
Product genesis: The MGW 2000 grew out of Optibase’s expertise in PCI cards and in streaming software.
The company, based in Boston, has made PCI cards for 12 years and streaming software for six. The streaming software, called Commotion, wraps around streaming video and tells it where to go. It then strips off the directions once the video arrives.
The PCI cards handle encoding, compression and digitizing of video. “We combined the two products to deliver video over IP,” said John Oliver, director of channel development. “Optibase has been in the video compression business. We’ve been doing that for 12 years.
“We’re really good at video compression in the MPEG space. We also have expertise in streaming that video from one point to another.
“We want to make it easier to integrate the two components. [The MGW 2000] makes PC technology go into a TV format with ease of use.”
How it works: The MGW 2000 is a network appliance and connects to a video source, like a VTR.
The device then connects via ethernet to stream to a computer. The product’s height is two rack units, or RU.
Case in point: Independent News Network, a TV production company and news service in Davenport, Iowa, uses three MGW 2000 units as a backhaul video distribution system.
The network relies on the equipment to transmit news video from its center in Davenport to its affiliated stations. INN’s feeds include raw video from its affiliates combined with national and regional news, weather and sports in a 30-minute news program. INN uses the MGW 2000 to transmit the program to affiliates.
The system allows two-way broadcast-quality transmission in areas that don’t have satellite uplinks.
The MGW 2000 enables transmission at any time, avoiding the wait for satellite or fiber booking. INN sends its video streams over Sprint’s Internet backbone.
Target market: Television broadcasters and cable companies.%