Profile: Mike Goedecke

Sep 16, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Principal and executive creative director, Belief, a visual communications company in Los Angeles
Background: Mr. Goedecke founded Belief in 1994 after obtaining an MFA degree from the Cinema and Television Program at the University of Southern California. He invested in desktop tools and computers to begin his firm. NBC, The Discovery Channel and ABC were among his first clients.
A case for high definition: Belief recently completed work for DirecTV, Animal Planet and “Entertainment Tonight,” using high definition as an acquisition format. The reasons for using high definition in this fashion are twofold. High definition is more akin to film and thus allows for greater creative control. It is also much cheaper than film, Mr. Goedecke said. “We are doing it to save money and for the look. It gives [clients] a higher production value and more creative control in graphics. I think there will be people who still prefer film … but eventually I think most shows will be shot in high definition because it’s cheaper.” Belief shot a promotion for Animal Planet’s Web site in which a woman discovers a giant version of the Animal Planet logo in a jungle. To shoot that spot on film would have cost $50,000 for one day of shooting, he said. With high definition, the cost for the shoot was about $10,000, since the crew size was smaller, the cost to transfer film to video was eliminated and tape stock was less than film. The client gets a piece that looks like it was shot on film.
The future of HD: Belief’s spots are shot in high definition, but the final versions air in regular definition. “I think HD will be used as an acquisition format, not a broadcast format. No one is buying monitors. People can’t tell the difference between VHS, DVD and high definition. Your average person can’t tell the difference, and that’s most of your audience. There will be certain channels that broadcast in high def because there are some people who like that, but most don’t,” he said.