Profile: Scott Tobin

Sep 30, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: Director of interactive media at TAG, a branding/ imaging company. He is responsible for all of TAG’s interactive media projects.
Background: Before joining TAG in July Mr. Tobin ran Tobin Interactive, a marketing and design studio for entertainment companies, for five years.
A broadband view: While at Tobin Interactive Mr. Tobin was instrumental in developing a CD-ROM delivery system for Paramount Domestic Television, in which marketing material was delivered on CD rather than via hard copy to broadcasters airing the studio’s syndicated shows. Such distribution has since become the norm and has evolved into online delivery but was groundbreaking in 1999, he said. “[An interactive CD-ROM] is really the first application of broadband because it uses the same technology as broadband,” he said. “It mimics broadband as far as the pipe length-the speed at which the computer reads the CD is the same as the speed it reads information from the Internet. That speed parallels what we call broadband.
“It is a broadband delivery device, not online broadband, though. We can now apply that experience to a large pipe with ideas about branding here at TAG to create an interactive experience you wouldn’t otherwise have.”
Site redesign: At TAG, Mr. Tobin shepherded the redesign of “The Montel Williams Show’s” Web site at www.montelshow.com, which relaunched in mid-September. The new site incorporates more of the on-air look and feel of the show. Dynamic HTML menus have been added throughout the site so users can get anywhere from anyplace. “It [reduces] a three-click process to a one-click process and increases the usability of the site,” he said.
In addition, the Web site contains a Flash timeline of the life of the show. “We are not a technology company,” he said. “We are a creative solutions company. [We look at] how to find the best technology to create the brand experience,” he said.