Product Spotlight: Cuda 1200

Oct 21, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Cuda 12000 from ADC, a cable modem termination system that also supports IP telephony. AT&T Broadband has selected the product to replace its proprietary non-DOCSIS equipment as part of its network upgrade. ADC began shipping to the operator in August.
What it does: The Cuda 12000 was designed from the ground up to support IP telephony services. The current DOCSIS 1.0 CMTS units in the market do not support the deployment of new and advanced services. The Cuda resides in the headend and can be enhanced with additional capabilities through software upgrades. More than 600 Cudas are in use worldwide with about half of those deployed in the United States.
Upgrades: Since ADC first deployed the Cuda in 2000 it has upgraded the product and increased reliability, density and service support over the summer. The device can support a greater number of subscribers per DOCSIS module-2000 active subscribers per module, up from 500 in 2000, said Mike Wozniak, director of product management. The manageability of the device is improved since it can track the status of the network and the bandwidth utilization. It can track usage levels to discern how much bandwidth is being consumed and alert operators when they need to install more cards into the modem to support greater usage.
Growth: Cable and IP telephony in particular is considered a growth area for ADC, which, like many telecom companies, has fallen on hard times. The CMTS market is less than $400 million per year but should grow to $650 million per year by 2006 due to the growth of broadband services and voice over IP, Mr. Wozniak said. “Cable operators are making great progress toward deploying IP telephony,” he said. “To deploy voice services a cable operator needs multiple components-billing system, a fully integrated CMTS, customer service, operations support and equipment at the home. The Cuda is almost like the heart.”